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Sparkling Tasting in Budapest with more than 150 samples

Date: 10 June, 2017 Location: Corinthia Hotel Budapest (1075 Budapest, Erzsébet krt 43–49.) Type of event: informal consumer tasting with Hungarian and international sparkling wines As we wrote just before Christmas season, Hungary’s tendency of producing more and more sparkling wines – both méthod traditionelle and areated – is still…

Become a chateau owner for a week!

Start the day with breakfast in the sunny terrace with a sip of a unique Pinot Gris with some mineral tones from the volcanic soil, then take a walk in the vineyard. After that a little swimming in the pool, then a glass of chilled rosé by the pool. By…

Visit Thummerer winery and stay in a „glamping”

„Glamping” is a special type of accommodation. The word glamping is made up of the words glamorous + camping, and as this compound suggests, the name stands for a new way of spending your holiday. Nomád Hotel & Glamping in Eger wine region offers diverse wooden holiday houses with all…

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