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The largest international wine expo hosts thousands of wineries, visitors need previous preparation to avoid getting lost in mediocre wines. Put the Hungarian booth on your schedule, because you will find true icons within a few squaremeters. Are you looking for  the Hungarian equivalent of Gaja or Mondavi? Visit H03…

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Sauska estate – in fact two estates, one in red wine focused Villány and one in Tokaj – is famous for its precise, elegant, world-class wines. One of the latest evidences: Wine & Spirit US wine magazine (2019 December issue) published a collection of wine notes of top 24 wines…

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Pannonhalma is a magic place, the hill on top of the Archabbey (with a levander field, a restaurant, a winery and a tea house) is a must-visit spot within a short drive from Budapest. Babarczi Winery is a family run estate situated in Pannonhalma wine region, and long has been…

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Wine tourism should be much more than having a tasting room where visitors can taste. If tourists can find activities for the whole day around the winery, they are much likely visit. Thummerer Winery in Eger has something unique to offer: apart from visiting the amazing cellar carved into the…

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january, 2020

31dec01jan’Borszilveszter’’Wine tuned’ New Year’s Eve in Budapest

23jan09:0018:00Hungarian Wines BestGrand tasting in Krakow, Poland

25janalldayHungarian Wine Grand Prix 2019Award ceremony and tasting of Super 12-12

29jan13:0020:00Furmint February 2.0Celebrate 20 years of dry Furmint with 35 wineries

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