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The most important part of the year for winemakers has arrived. Getting up early, worrying about the weather, crawling into bed exhausted – in spite of all these things, harvest is beautiful, the beginning of a new life. And according to the winemakers 2020 vintage promises to be outstanding!

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Did you know that the extension ‘wine’ can also be added to your domains nowadays? Get rid of the boring .com or .org, isn’t it cooler to have .wine? Well, the Swedish wine expert, world champion sommelier’s website has the cool extension, and it tells a lot about the devotion…

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Székely Land, an exciting and unique region of Transylvania (in Romania) has always had special importance for the Hungarian nation. Székelyföld is quite far from the Hungarian–Romanian border, but the people still speak Hungarian as their native language and they still keep their traditions. Thanks to a lady, who was…

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Olaszrizling grape variety is the most widely planted white grape in Hungary. (In fact not exactly, the so called Bianca took the lead, but that one is a grape for mass production, thus Olaszrzling is No1 regarding grapes for quality wines.) It is an amazingly versatile variety. Lovely when consumed…

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september, 2020

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