2016 November

Did you know? ’Bor’ is outstanding…

Wine, wein, vin, вино, verë,viini, wijn, viño – all European languages use a word for wine that derives from Latin ’vinum’. Except for Turkey (şarap), Basque (ardoa), Greek (κρασί, oinos), Irish (Fíon) and Hungarian (Bor). Wine linguistic map of Europe! Click here to find Hungarian wine vocabulary!    

Patricius Winery – the Winery of the Year, 2016

One of the most important awards of Hungary, the Winery of the Year in 2016 went to a winery of Tokaj wine region. As Péter Molnár, manager of the estate said on 20 October on the award ceremony ‘Working on a UNESCO World Heritage site, on the most beautiful vineyards…

With his wife and with actor Paul Newman, with whom they met during charity action. Paul Newman is founder of The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, and Nimród Kovács is a supporter of the project
A millionaire winemaker with an adventurous life

A millionaire winemaker – it sounds paradox, doesn’t it? As in the old story, one man asks the winemaker how he gained a million. ’Well, I had two millions, and I lost one quickly’. Nimród Kovács wasn’t always rich, he worked hard to become a successful businessman, and now, when he…

Budapest is among top 20 destinations for young Americans!

US daily paper New York Times has published an article about top 20 destinations for Americants in their twenties recently, and Budapest was ranked 11th, mostly because of its spas and cafés. In ’20 places to travel in your 20s’ Dan Saltzstein describes Budapest as a vivid city: ‘11. Budapest. It’s…

Magyar borszakírók a brit Born Digital döntősei közt

A Born Digital díjat 2011-ben alapította a Ryan & Gabriella Opaz és Robert McIntosh  azzal a céllal, hogy igazolják, az online borszakírás is lehet minőségi és tartalmas. A díjra csak olyan anyagokat (cikket, fotót, videót, audió-tartalmat) lehet nevezni, amelyek nyomtatva nem jelentek meg és nem is fognak, sem más platformon,…

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