2017 January

How To Cook In Hungary – Food & Wine

The author of this new book has made more than 500 interviews in the past 15 years, and published several book in his series of “This is how they cook”. In the new album published in English 30 winemakers and 30 famous Hungarians speak about their passion for food and…

5 winter shelters with spas and wines

This has been the most severe winter of the decade in many countries of Europe, so has it in Hungary with minus degrees Celsius continually. The best solution to survive until the bear comes out of his cave is to escape to a place with healthy hot spas and healthy…

February – the month of Furmint

Alliteration is a common poetic tool and useful for us to remember, that February is a month, when the flagship grape variety of Tokaj is celebrated. The praise of Furmint starts right on 1st February when Furmint Day is to beld for the first time! There’s still time to buy…

Sliding accross the largest lake of Europe

Lake Balaton is not only the biggest lake and holiday resort in Hungary, but it’s the largest lake in Europe as well, a favourite resort of my Europeans. The light blue water has a nice tempterature in summer, plenty of good restaurants dot the beach and 5 wine regions out…

The Hungarian Parliament is to pick their own selection

In Hungary many authorities, institutions and even cities and towns have their „own wine”. The doctors have an annual wine contest to choose the Wine of the Semmelweis University of Medinice, the scientists of all science gather in the Hungarian Academy of Science – and of course have their own…

Malatinszky, a winemaker who cooks well

A dog resembles its owner, especially if they have lived together for a long time. It’s the same with wines: they reflect the winemakers personality, even more if the winemaker himself pays attention to every single detail from the vineyard till bottling. Csaba Malatinszky is „the embodiment of elegance”. A…

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