The top 25 wines of Pannon region have been announced!

Hungary’s system of wine regions is slightly complicated, we have 22 wine regions, which are grouped in broader wine regions. Pannon broader wine region includes Villány, Szekszárd, Pécs and Tolna, and each year (since 2008) a rigorous wine selection is organized by local wine magazine Pécsi Borozó and Pannon broader wine region to select the best 25 wines of the 4 regions.

The majority of the top wines are red

This year 148 wines entered and top experts have chosen the 25 most beautiful of them. No wonder, the result shows Villány on the front:

  1. Villány (10 wines)
  2. Szekszárd (8 wines)
  3. Tolna (4 wines)
  4. Pécs (2)
  5. And 1 wine of Transdanubia origin.

Only 5 of the 25 wines are white wines – despite the fact the Hungary is traditionally a white wine country –, 1 is a rosé, the other 19 wines are red. Most ofthe red winners are made of a Bordeaux grape – with Cabernet Franc as a single varietal wine as well –, but we can find some Hungarian varieties as well, there are 2 Kékfrankos wines, 1 Bikavér blend, 1 Portugieser and 1 Kadarka, the beautiful Nagyapám (’My grandfather’) from Eszterbauer winery, Szekszárd.

Taste all the 25 wine in one place – Top 25 Tasting Festival in Pécs

Date: June 10., 12.00–20.00
Location: Littke Pezsgőház (Pécs, Szent István tér 12.)
Type of event: informal tasting event with jazz music

Since the Top 25 selection has been organized 9 times, this 10th one should be a jubilee one, therefore the venue is new and spectatular: the lately renovated hall of Littke Sparkling House (Pezsgőház). Besides the producers of this year’s Top 25, the previous years’ champion winemakers will also present their winner wines – or a new vintage of the wine, thus 62 wineries will offer their wines to taste on top of this year’s top producers.

And the winners are…

  • Belward Pincészet Hárslevelű Superior 2014 (Pécs)
  • Belward Pincészet Zöldveltelini 2016 (Pécs)
  • Bock Borászat Bock Cuvée 2013 (Villány)
  • Bock Borászat Cabernet Franc Fekete-hegy Reserve 2013 (Villány)
  • Csányi Pincészet Kővilla Válogatás Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 (Villány)
  • Danubiana Borászat Királyleányka 2016 (Dunántúl)
  • Danubiana Borászat Zöldveltelini 2016 (Tolna)
  • Eszterbauer Borászat Grand Vin Cuvée 2012 (Szekszárd)
  • Eszterbauer Borászat Nagyapám Kadarka 2016 (Szekszárd)
  • Halmosi Pincészet Négykezes Merlot Válogatás 2013 (Szekszárd)
  • Heimann Családi Birtok Bikavér 2014 (Szekszárd)
  • Horváth Pince Cabernet Franc 2013 (Tolna)
  • Horváth Pince Madarász Cuvée 2013 (Tolna)
  • Lelovits Tamás Portugieser 2016 (Villány)
  • Ruppert Pince Merlot 2012 (Villány)
  • Schieber Pincészet Solutio Perfecta Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 (Szekszárd)
  • Stier Pincészet Cabernet Franc 2012 (Villány)
  • Stier Pincészet Merlot 2011 (Villány)
  • Szent Gaál Kastély és Borház Kékfrankos 2016 (Szekszárd)
  • Takler Borbirtok Kékfrankos Reserve 2015 (Szekszárd)
  • Tűzkő Birtok Kékfrankos Rosé 2016 (Tolna)
  • Twickel Szőlőbirtok Kajmád Sauvignon Blanc 2016 (Szekszárd)
  • Vinatus Pince Syrah 2012 (Villány)
  • Vylyan Pincészet Mandolás Cabernet Franc 2012 (Villány)
  • Vylyan Pincészet Kakas Rozé 2016 (Villány)

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