Hungary’s wine and culinary rennaissance in American wine magazine

Wine Country International magazine from the USA featured an article in its 2017 / 1 issue, and now it is available online. As the headline on the cover says, Hungary has a renassaince of wine and gastronomy at the moment. The author of a 6 page article, Christopher J. Davis visited Hungary several times. He describes the huge difference between his first visit in the Communist era in 1993 and his latest recent visit. Back then he travelled from the airport by the emblematic East German car, the Trabant, that he describes as a noisy, sluggish excuse for a car that quickly gave me Amaxophobia (fear of riding in a car)”. Now he stayed at Hotel Kempiski, a luxurious five star hotel

World class Hungarian wines

The article recommends restaurants in Budapest, and definitely suggests to visit Hungary. “When you think of Hungary, you might think of Béla Lugosi and Zsa Zsa Gabor, or perhaps Paprika and Goulash. If you think of Hungarian wine, odds are you will first think of Tokaj. Hungary’s wine lineage dates back to at least Roman times. After World War II, Hungary was besieged by the Soviet Occupation. Under Soviet rule, the focus was on mass producing easy-to-produce wines that were fermented in large cement vats.
When the Iron Curtain fell in 1991, many wine-producing families were permitted to take back and restore their vineyards. Others like businessman Nimrod Kovacs seized a great opportunity. I have been visiting Hungary during this period of time, and it is astonishing how much progress has been made in 25 years. Hungarian wines are now world class, and Hungarian cuisine has reached new heights too!”

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