Blend your own wine in Villány

Blending is probably the most mythical thing in vinification. Non professionals cannot imagine how blending is done – though it is „only” pouring wines together in a bigger vat. Is that really so simple? László Romsics, CEO of Csányi Winery in Villány says that for a flaghip wine he needs at leat four different occassions. „I usually have 12 glasses in front of me, and first I only smell all of them, then I move the ones I like a little closer, then I taste all of them, moving again the ones which might remain. It’s like a game of chess. And then the other day I have to start again…” So it is really art, and this week, during Ördögkatlan Festival anyone can try it in the winery. If you are interested, and you happen to stay in Hungary, do not miss the chance, and come tomorrow! The guided winery tour and the blending session costs only 1500 HUF (5 euros), and it includes a bottle of wine with a unique label – which was blended by you!

You can participate at 10 am and 1 pm on Saturday (5 August).

Villánykövesd – an idyllic village of cellars

Hungary does not really shows its most beautiful face in the world press nowadays. However, if you visit Ördögkatlan Festival, you will find a happy crowd here, you you will be suprised how „normal” everyone is. The cultural and musical events take place in lovely villages. Would you drink a glass of ice cold rose and leave the car behind? No problem, cars will stop and give a lift. Villánykövesd is one of the most spectacular spot of the festival, Teleki Liget offers children’s programs in the morning, and different concerts in the evening. There is one more day, it’s still worth joining! If you cannot make it now, save the date for next year, it’s always at the beginning of August!

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