Great Somló Tasting

somlo1Quiz on Somló

Another tasting of Somló wine region is coming closer, thus let’s have a quick quiz in one minute!

1. How big (or rather how small) is Somló wine region?

2. How high is Somló Mountain?

3. Which grape variety is NOT typical of Somló region?

4. What is the typical soil of Somló?

5. Why are witness mountains are called so?

6. Is there any red wine made in Somló wine region?

7. Which winery can boast the great achievement to have been a Trophy Winner at International Wine Challenge in three consecutive years?

8. Which royal woman is associated with the legend of having Juhfark grape an effect on the gender of the embryo?

9. Is there any méthode traditionelle sparkling wine made in Somló region?

10. Which Hungarian poet was born nearby Somló mountain?

06sepalldayGreat Somló Tasting

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