The ’Beast’ captures new chef

It’s not a story of hijack of course, the new chef has been captured by the new challenge after Első Mádi Borház (Tokaj) to manage the kitchen of Bestia (’the Hungarian word for ’beast’). The previous chef of Bestia, Gábor Krausz spends most of his time these days with a TV show on one of the most popular commercial TV channel in a show called Chef of the Chefs. The new chef, Roland Varga has experience on the field of steaks (he used to work in Robinson restaurant), which is the main feature of Bestia.

A really cool place

Bestia is really one of the places one must visit in Budapest. It is situated in the 5th district, not far from Parliament, next to Saint Stephen cathedral called Bazilika (where the holy relic, the right arm of the first king of Hungary is kept). The neighbourhood is famous for its quality and vivid wine bars, thus Bestia really suits here, still offering something different with a focus on craft beers. The rather large bistro has a spectacular bar counter offering 12 craft beer by the tap in addition to the 45 bottled craft beer. Try one of the craft beer coctails, for example Ale-Alejandro (a witty name with the title of a Lady Gaga song and the type of beer ’ale’. The coctail includes Unicum plum (the famous Hungarian liquor aged with dried plum), Martini extra dry, vanilin, Angostura, Stari plum beer (a crfat beer from near Lake Balaton), lime.

Josper and other beasts

The kitchen is well equipped to make steaks, sausages  and all kinds of meat. As they say: „The 12 local draught crafted beers and our perfectionism in steaks, meats and sausages will rock your socks off. If you have doubts, check the rotisseire and josper in our kitchen, and especially taste our food… with a beer on the side, sure.” A favourite of the bistro type kitchen is surely the ’Bestrami’, the pastrami sandwich of the house.

Don’t be afraid, there is wine, too!

Though the emphasise is on beer, wine lovers should not worry, Bestia has a versatile, nice wine list with Hungarian and international wines. You can have for example the 2014 Miraval rosé from Provence, the one from the vintage when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were still together owning the winery. The Hungarian wine selection contains big names and wines of small artisan wineries as well.

  • To start, order Kreinbacher Extra Dry méthode traditionelle sparkling wine made of mainly Furmint (42%), some Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The successful sparkling wine is out of stock at the winery, so if you want to taste it, Bestia is a good place. You can order it by the glass.
  • With a starter or a salad (the selection of lighter dishes might be broader with the new chef) try a glass of fresh, zesty, elegant rosé by Sauska from Villány, south of Hungary. Kékfrankos, Cabernet Frand and Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir united in perfect harmony!
  • With a steak, Heimann Barbár (yes, Barbár means ’barbarian’) from Szekszárd is a perfect match, full bodied, complex wine made of Kékfrankos, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Tannat.

All in all, Bestia is a cool place with well trained staff, great beers, great wines and amazing meat dishes with cosy atmosphere.

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