Popcorn and coke with a movie? Never more – visit the wine cinema!

Kristinus Wine Estate wine cinema and harvest festival

South Balaton wine estate, Kristinus has a state of art winery building, a great kitchen in their bistro restaurant, they have a wine boutique in Budapest, but one of their coolest idea of them is surely wine cinema – a perfect cinema hall with confortable chairs, superb quality equipment to enjoy movies – and, what’s best in it: with taco chips instead of popcorn, and with fresh, crispy wines instead of coke!

What would you drink with Little Princess?

Let’s see some of the upcoming movies at Kristinus!

8 October: The Little Princess – Saint-Exupéry’s classic novel in an animated movie, not only for children. Parents might feel like having a glass of Kristinus Piripio rosé! Expressive aroma full of ripe strawberries with a fine earthy character.” 

13 October: A dog’s Purpose– a recent romantic story of a dog who reincarnates and finally makes his original master happy. How about a Kristinus Chardonnay? Long lasting like the life of this special puppy. A medium-intense aroma with light buttery notes and dried pineapple, vanilla, yellow apple, and a hint of caramel.”

14 October: Me Before You – a sad, romantic drama for which you will need a whole package of paper tissues – you will need something concentrated, a „drink for thought”. How about a Kristinus Pinot Noir? A hint of cherry pips at the end, an infinite sip. A very well-balanced wine with a long finish.”

21 October: Etno folk – world music amond the vines

Kristinus Wine Estate frequently organizes events, and of course autumn cannot pass without one. Harvest festival will take place on 21 October, and the band on stage is undoubtedly the best of world music in Hungary: Kerekes Band. Tickets cost only 2990 HUF, and you can consume the whole price at Gastro Bistrot. And what to drink with their music? First a Kristinus Olaszrizling, then everything else till the end of the party!

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