Refill your empty cellar – and your e-car in the vineyards


Electronic recharge stations at Tornai and Bock wineries

Tornai Winery, Somló – to increase wine and gastronomic tourism

Tornai Winery has installed an electronic car recharge station in cooperation with MVM Partner Zrt. electricity company. Installation took only 3 weeks, and the station is ultra quick: it needs only 1–3 hours to recharge an average car. The electric station is an important tool to increase tourism in the region: Somló lies on one of the most important main roads of Hungary, No8 joins the Austrian border with Székesfehérvár, an important city of Hungary. Somló is about two hours by car from the capital of Hungary, thus the recharge station was badly needed there. Tamás Tornai, owner of Tornai Winery believes that „This magical place is not only ours. We received it from our ancestors and we should hand it over to our children. This new investment is another step preserve our values.”

Tornai Winery is famous for its award winning white wines of indigenous grapes, here is a recent article about their International Wine Challenge Trophy – which happens to be not the first one…

Bock Cellar, Villány – solar energy, not only for the vines

Bock2József Bock iconic winemaker of Villány is also determined to preserve our environment. The new wing of Bock Hotel Ermitage was designed to use only renewable energy and now, that „they have no more space for solar panels”, they introduced the first recharging station within a winery operating with solar energy. „If we live on the treasures of nature, we have to be grateful and not to harm it” – says József Bock who was proud to inaugurate the car recharging equipment made in cooperation with Solarcell Hungary Ltd. Bock Cellar was the first in Hungary to install the Austrian Smartflower solar system three years ago, which – just like a sunflower – moves towards the sun, thus makes 40% more solar energy than the fixed solar panels. József Bock himself bough an electric bicycle to show good example of environmental protection. In both wineries recharging of cars is free of charge.

Bock Cellar is famous for its concentrated red wines, their recent great award is a gold medal from Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2017.

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