A new wine bar in charming Tokaj village

Henye wine bar, Bodrogkeresztúr

As we reported earlier, a new wine bar opened in Tokaj called Prés. That one has a wide selection of wines of the region from family wineries, a good start to explore Tokaj. And if you want to go further in your discoveries, you should visit all the lovely, charming villages of Tokaj wine region. Bodrogkeresztúr is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful with the river Bodrog, an ideal place for river cruises.

Buzzling cultural life

Henye Winery is a relatively new venture in the region, it belongs to world famous Dereszla Winery. It was built in 2015 as a green field investment, and it’s equipped with all the necessary equipment to produce méthode traditionelle sparkling wine. Since spring a new wine bar makes Henye Winery even more attractive to visit. The place is home to a regular cultural events called Nights in Keresztúr with diverse performances and concerts, and the bar is appropriate to host private events as well from smaller conferences to large wedding parties.

“Purrs like a cat”

The wine bar’s wine list offers only wines by Henye and Dereszla Wineries, but if you think that this wine list cannot be complex, you are mistaken. Dereszla Frisco is for example a brand new new product – easy to drink, refreshing bubbly made of Tokaj varieties. “Dorombor” is also a superb idea if you feel like tasting something charming, lovely wine with a good chat. The name is pun: “dorombol” is the Hungarian for “purring”, the cat on the label refers to that as well, but the ending of the verb is changed into “bor”, the Hungarian world for wine. Dorombor wine family has three members: a dry, a “not dry” and a “very sweet”.

Drink for thought

Of course Henye Wine Bar can offer much more than just some “kitten style”, easy going wine. Kabar is a must: a great wine made of an interesting grape variety. Exclusively grown in Tokaj, in fact it is an experimental strain previously known as Tarcal 10 that is a cross between Hárslevelű and Bouvier. Kabar is a new variety (the crossing was made in 1967 in Tarcal research centre) allowed in the Tokaj wine region since 2006. Kabar represents only 1 percentage of Tokaj plantations. It ripens at a similar time to Zéta, but produces lower yields. Kabar has a good tendency to accumulate sugar, botrytises well to become an aszú grape, but because of its thicker skin the aszú berries are less vulnerable to rainy periods. If you taste Henye Kabar, you will find that the linden notes typical of this grape variety are paired with the vanilla aromas from the barrel ageing. Lovely, long finish.

Sweet pleasures

The range of classic sweet Tokaj wines is also wide from late harvest single varietal wines through Szamorodni to Tokaji Aszú wines including the noble, super sweet Esszencia – the drops of gold are not cheap: a 0,25 l bottle costs 55 000 HUF (177 euros). The wine bar does not serve meals at the moment, in case of events a catering company is hired. Before visiting check opening hours (the bar is closed on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays). We wish you a pleasant stay in Henye Wine Bar!

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