2017 December

Sparkling wine of „Little Princess”

  Thummerer Királyleányka Méthode Traditionelle Thanks God sparkling wine consumption is not restricted to New Year’s Eve any more – though it’s still the high season for bubbles. If you are a sparkling wine connosseur and you are looking for something new, try a méthode traditionelle sparkling wine from Hungary,…

Two great recipes for Christmas by Kata Zsirai, Tokaj

Duck breast with Furmint risotto and prunes, cottage cheese & apricot cream with sweet Tokaji These recipes are the favourite ones of a very young brave girl, who manages the suddenly inherited family vineyards (yes, plural!) with great care and attention, and with great success. She was only 23, when…

A palota Budapesten, a Stefánia úton látható. A Stefánia Palota eklektikus stílusú épületének tágas belsõ terei, a termek belsõ kiképzése és gazdag díszítése alkalmassá tette reprezentatív fogadások, ünnepségek, társas vacsorák, bálok megrendezésére. Neobarokk, intarziás bútoraival a palota ma is konferenciák, hangversenyek, kiállítások egyedi hangulatú színhelye.
Borjour Buborék – bubbly tasting in Budapest

  A sparkling event to prepare for New Year’s Eve If you haven’t decided what sparkling wine to open to celebrate the last day of the year, Borjour event is a great chance to sample a lot of different wines, and then to buy the chosen ones. On 29 December,…

Vince Day – weekend full of wine & Villány

  Vineyard Getaway in January In Hungary not only birthdays, but also the so called „namedays” are celebrated. Every first name has a dedicated day, for example men called András celebrate on 30th November, while women called Mária celebrate on 15th August. These days are usually associated with a patron,…

10 December: International Aszú Day

  The first time ever! Tokaj Aszú is one of the greatest sweet wines of the world. Terroir, centuries old tradition, local grape varieties and the current generation of winemakers have all contributed to a matrix with the ability to stun both the average wine consumer and the professional sommelier….

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