“It redefines how fresh aszú wines can be” – Jeff Berlin about Patricius Aszú

Jeff Berlin is wine director at À Côté restaurant in Oakland, California. His interview by John Szabó Master Sommelier was posted half a year ago on www.wineandspirits.com, but it is actual now as well: especially because wines of Tokaj are great for the Chrismas season both as a present or on the table. Although Tokaj is home to several grapes, Berlin thinks of the native Furmint as the region’s ambassador. He describes the energy and spice that the wine picks up in Tokaj’s volcanic and loess vineyards as a powerful current of electric acidity, like a Tesla coil in every bottle.” Berlin is clearly amazed by the 6 wines described in the article, especially by Patricius 5 puttonyos Tokaji Aszú from 2004. “The botrytis-influenced aromatics also play off the floral, fresh-picked stone and citrus fruit notes. With savory dishes such as foie gras, charcuterie, prosciutto and melon, aszú works brilliantly.”

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