Sommeliers’ Choice: Kreinbacher Estate

Hungarian Sommelier Association has been active for 7 years holding frequent tastings, trainings for the members, organizing sommelier championship. Their Par Excellence award was founded four years ago, and the awards are given each year to professionals, who actively help increase wine knowledge in restaurants both on the personnel and the consumers side. All the members of the association vote, and the resulting list is discussed by the chairmen, their decision must be unanimous. The award is most precious, especially in the category of wineries. Sommeliers are the professionals, whose job is to sell the wine at the table, therefore they take into consideration several factors besides quality, for example the amount of information given to them. This year Kreinbacher Estate of Somló has been awarded Par Excellence award in winemaker category, the ceremony took place on 12th December in Budapest. “Feedback from sommeliers is very important for us, they are our allies in our mission to teach about méthode traditionelle sparkling wines. We are glad to see that more and more restaurants offer them by the glass, and consumers become more and more conscious abouth their choice” – said the representative of Kreinbacher Estate at the ceremony.
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