Villány: Cabernet Franc’s new frontier

A detailed article was posted on British wine business site about Cabernet Franc and its significance in Villány, south of Hungary. As the article says “Hungary accounts for just 2% of world Cabernet Franc plantings with 1,300 hectares of vines, but it is with Chile, the joint-fourth biggest producer of the grape after France and Italy.” Then Drinks Business gives the reasons for Villány being great by quoting outstanding procers, like Mónika Debreczeni from Vylyan“Villányi Franc is unique – deep, rounded, complex, spicy, without green notes.”’ Then the article goes on reporting on problems why Villányi Franc is not yet widely known: The region and its country Hungary have a couple of problems in export markets like the UK. The first is based on a rather lazy, unexamined prejudice that it is ‘ex-communist’ and ‘Eastern European” and therefore mediocre.” Well, Villányi Franc is not mediocre at all, taste it and you will believe it!

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