Furmint Days in Köveskál


23–25 February – a weekend in a treasure village on Balaton Upland

In the spirit of Furmint February, wineries and restaurants of one of the most beautiful villages of North Balaton, Köveskál organise an event called Furmint Days around Furmint. Their purpose is reorganising it every year as a bit of cult. The organisers – Káli Art Inn, Kővirág, Mi a Kő restaurants and Káli Kövek and Pállfy Cellar – welcome Furmint-lovers from all around the country at the last weekend of February.  The main goal of the event is to show the potential of the local Furmint wines and to create awareness around its significant role in the Lake Balaton viticultural area.

Tastings with influencers

On Friday, a private tasting takes place among the winemakers. On Saturday when the event becomes public, Furmint enthusiasts can attend in several type of wine tastings where wine influencers and winemakers will speak about the different aspects of Furmint. Among the speakers you’ll find Furmint-makers not only from the Lake Balaton but the Tokaj and Somló area as well. Tickets are already available.

In the afternoon at the community center a photo-exhibition and a film-screening attract their enthusiasts. In the restaurants accoustic concerts provide a tingling atmosphere until the end of the day. On Sunday, guests can attend brunches, vineyard tours and tasty outdoor cooking by the Gastro-Hack team.

Tickets and detailed program (website is only Hungarian)

Participant wineries:

Balassa Bor, Barnabás Pince, Bott Frigyes, Budaházy Pincészet, Egly Szőlőbirtok és Borászat, Garamvári Szőlőbirtok, Gilvesy Pincészet, Homonna Birtok, Homola Pincészet, Jásdi Pince, Káli Kövek Borászat, Laposa Birtok, Losonci Pince, Majoros Birtok, Pálffy Pince, Skrabski Pince, Somlói Apátsági Pince, Somlói Vándor Pince, Szent Donát Birtok, Trombitás Borház

Wine dinners

Köveskál is a tiny village, but it has three marvellous restaurants. On Furmint Days they will hold wine dinners where wellknown sommeliers will find matching wines.

Friday menu in KÁLI ART INN:

Sommelier: Alexandrosz Takács

“5 lives of a pig”
– Mangalica ham with roast beef and levander and quince jelly with almond
– Pig’s ear and skin chips with cilantro flavored piglet essentials, pears in vinegar marinated beans

  • Parsley sorbet with mint
  • Crunchy pork chops and goose liver, with semolina gnocchi with porcini mushrooms
  • Piglet head garnished with spinach-potato cake, aubergine and cherry tomato
  • Chocolate and grapes (Belgian chocolate ganache, grapes with crispy sugar and mint goblets with golden candied bacon)
Saturday menu in Kővirág

Sommelier: Krisztián Juhász

  • Sturgeon/ celery/ zucchini
  • Onions / truffles / eggs
  • Rabbit liver/ pear/ Jerusalem artichokes/ caramel
    – Arugula soup, chargrilled apple, blue cheese
    – Duck/ lemon chick peas/ sweet potato/ nut
    – Curd/ raspberry/ Honeycomb toffee

Two Furmint wines to raise your appetite

Laposa Estate is one of the participating wineries, and their Kőkövön’ Furmint fits well into the event: the word ’kő’ means stone in Hungarian, you can find this word in the name of Köveskál and in the name of some restaurants (Miakő, Kővirág) – and of course you will find basalt stones everywhere in the region. „This is an irregular Furmint wine. Zesty, lively on the nose, and mainly mineral on the palate. A light yet elegant wine with great length.”

Garamvári Winery will also participate, they come from the South of Balaton, and their méthode traditionelle Furmint Brut proves that the variety is ideal as a base wine of a sparkling wine. ”Character-based fruitiness of the varietal can be sensed alongside the dynamic acids. Quince, citruses, mango tastes combined with sweet spices like cloves and cinnamon.”

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