Winery wedding in Hungary

12 stunning venues for the beginning of the eternal

Why a winery?

There are several arguments to support a winery as a location: large green places (aka vineyards) suitable for photo shooting, spacious tasting rooms, glasses provided etc. But the most important point is probably the fact, that in a winery you can never have the shame of running out of good wines… Hungary has loads of amazing locations, the following 12 ones are just a bunch of beautiful ones. Contacts to the wineries can be found at Come to Hungary / Recommended wineries

Tascher Winery and Sparkling Wine Cellar, Sopron – take an oath in the city of faith

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Sopron is called the „city of faith”, because the city voted to remain Hungarian. The city has numerous wonderful locations, and you can also find here a great méthode traditionelle sparkling wine made by Kurt Taschner!

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