May the 4th be with you!

Star Wars’ Day with Hungarian wines

There are two types of people: those, who adore Star Wars, and those who are – for some mysterious reason – not affected by this cult movie. Needless to say that we, the editors of are devoted fans of Star Wars. The famous saying of the Jedi Knights „May the force be with you” is altered by the craziest fans, thus May the 4th is said to be the International Star Wars Day. To match our favourite movie with our beloved Hungarian wines, forgive us to play a little. We have chosen Victorian style portraits of the most well known characters of the story to show what type of wine they may enjoy. (You can order the portraits from here.)

  • Princess Leia and Sauska Extra Brut

Dignified and wise, gracious and noble, but sometimes passionate as well – Leia is probably the most adorable figure of Stars Wars. She grew older in a beautiful way. To commemorate a royal highness, we must drink méthode traditionelle sparkling wine from Tokaj, where the wines of the kings are made.The backbone of Sauska Extra Brut is bold Furmint completed by the fragile Hárslevelű and the elegant Chardonnay. Intensive, tiny bubbles, stunningminerality and a pleasantly long finish. Great aging potential.

  • Yoda and Dobosi Kéknyelű
  • The oldest, the most patient, the wisest – Yoda is the doyenof Jedi Knights. His skin is green – he must feed on healthy, organic food, thus wines of an organic winery sound to be the proper choice! Kéknyelű is an indigenous grape variety from Balatonfüred–Csopak wine region wine region. For this wine the grape was left longer on the vines, thus the resulting wine has a concentrated, oily, yellow texture. Blossoming trees and other white flowers on the nose with some figs. Wonderful acidity dominates the palate with notes of birch. Beautiful, long finish. It needs some areation so that the wine could fully show aromas typical of the terroir.
  • Chewbacca and Zsirai Középhegy Furmint

  • Chewy, the funniest character of Star Wars is strong and brave, but we know that his heart is full of emotions, his soul is tender and loving – he is fond of his colleague and captain, Han Solo a lot. In other words: Chewbacca is much more than you would think at first sight. He is a complexcharacter with a personality– just like a complex, layered Furmint. On the nose flowers, linden, nectar and some mineral notes. Apricot, apricot stone. On the palate the wine is dominated by determined acidity and it is balanced with the residual sugar around 4 grams. The honeyed, nectary, flowery notes are also present. Elegant wine with its own character which reflects the terroir as well.
  • Darth Vader and Kovács Nimród Grand Bleu

  • The evil of Star Wars, the perpetual antagonist is Darth Vader, who proves to be a loving father at the end – with a little exaggeration. He is deeply dark, he has infinite power, and he is the ultimate surprise – just like the flagship Kékfrankos by Kovács Nimród Winery. Grand Bleu is a world class wine: the dense color is followed with concentrated aromas of nutmeg, allspice, black cherry and tobacco. These aromas are continued on the palate by flavors of plum, black cherry and plain chocolate, all tied together with balanced acids and silky tannins. Grand Bleu rewards us with a long and very pleasant finish. This wine will age beautifully in the bottle for many years.
  • Obi–Wan Kenobi and Pajzos Tokaj aszú

  • Another wise man, the tutor, the mentor of Luke Skywalker, intelligent and warm hearted– a truly positive personality, whom you would love to have as a teacher. A Jedi Knight as well armed with “the force”. The noble rot – botrytis cinerea – is the force of Tokaj, a rare natural phenomenon that can create unforgettable dessert wines. Pajzos Tokaj 5 puttonyos aszú is a golden, young Aszú with a supremely refined inner world. Citrus and meadow flowers abound in the nose. The wine lover senses caramel, citrus and dried fruits, and white horehound on the palate with the discreet appearance of buttery, almond notes of barrel ageing. The typical minerality of Tokaji wine brings a slight saltiness to this drinkable wine thanks to its delightful acids. A great wine with serious ageing potential.

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