The perfect getaway among the hills


Sabar Wine House has opened its guest house

Sabar Wine House is a small, relatively new winery (founded in 2009), which has become the favourite of many keen winelovers as quick as a glance. The owner, Gábor Ádám and the winemaker, Bálint Földi work together very well, and this harmonious relationship pays well: Sabar wines are great or outstanding, none of them are simple or mediocre.

If you are interested, you can meet them this weekend, on 8 June in Budapest at Borjour Buborék (Borjour ’Bubble’) wine event at Stefánia Palace, where you can taste crispy, fruity, lovely Sabar Rosé and BalatonBor in ’fröccs’ (spritz, wine with bubbly water), and certainly they will present some exciting wines that you would never spoil with water…

A place that is balsam for the soul

Grand tastings, wine exhibitions are good occassions to sample wines, but to fully enjoy them the best way is to drink them where they were made. Sabar Wine House is situated in Badacsony wine region, where volcanicwitness  mountains make scenery versatile. The two highest ones are Badacsony and Szent György mountain, but there are several smaller ones, Sabar is one of them – as Gábor Ádám refers to it: a „Little hill capable of great wines”.
Sabar opened its guest house this spring and it became immensely popular. A small house with the rustictile oven and with every commodities awaits its guests.

The house is 110 squaremeters and has 3 bedrooms. You can book the whole house for 50.000 HUF / night (156 euros) for 6 people but you can book only one or two rooms if you need so. In the summer the minimum stay is 3 nights. Apart from the breathtaking view  from the terrace, you can enjoy the coolness of the cellar– and of course you can choose from the whole range of Sabar wines.


Hazelnut and white flowers

We have participated in the last edition of Badacsony in New York tasting (the grand exhibition of Badacsony wine region in Budapest, New York Café), and our personal favourite in rosé was the Sabar Rosé. So clean, so crispy, so fruity – a feather light pleasure, the rosé you imagine for yourself. A perfect wine to start with, but there are many other labels at Sabar you cannot miss, like this oak aged, single vineyard OlaszrizlingBesides having hazelnut, citrus notes and white flowers on the nose, some neutral white flesh fruits are discovered as well. Well rounded on the palate with lovely acidity. Elegant wine with great potential.”

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