A refreshing cocktail made of Tokaji Aszú


Golden Smash by mixer Matthias Friedlein

Are you crazy? – you might think reading the title. The sweet, elaborated white wine of Tokaj is not best choice in the summer heat– though it can be a good aperitif when chilled at summer evening parties. Matthias Friedlein German mixer and blogger created a lovely, refreshing cocktail made with Tokaji Aszú. As he says “In my opinion there are way too less recipes calling for this Hungarian dessert wine and I could literally taste the combination with fresh grapes and cachaca being a winner.”He created his cocktail 4 years ago, during the previous FIFA World Cup, but the recipe is timeless…


Golden Smash recipe

View in: cl oz:
5 cl Nêga Fulô Cachaca
1,5 cl Tokaji Aszú 3 Puttonyos
3 cl Lime Juice
2 cl Honey Syrup with Bloom Pollen (Dissolve honey in equal parts warm water and add some bloom pollen)
5 White Seedless Grapes

Muddle grapes in shaker – shake – double strain – Double Old-Fashioned glass;
You can find the mixer’s writing about the cocktail along with other cocktail recipes here


Best value Tokaji Aszú

Though Matthias Friedlein used Disznókő Aszú, which is great as well, but you can also try Dereszla Tokaji Aszú 5 puttonyos from 2013, because ’13 was a great vintage, and Dereszla Aszú is a wonderful example of the vintage at good price. Hungarian monthly print VinCE Magazine had a Tokaji Aszú tasting in last November, and Dereszla Aszú proved to be the best value wine of the panel tasting with 16.90 scores (out of 20) at 5000 HUF (16 euros) retail price. “Honey, apricot in its slightly aromatic nose, creamy texture, extremely pure flavors on the palate. Great balance, light and zesty with citrus notes and dried apricot on the finish.”

More about Dereszla

Or at the recently renewed website of the winery (though only in Hungarian)           



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