Baraka restaurant, a culinary adventure park

Summer dishes with summer wines

The fusion restaurant in Budapest has been the home of fine dining since its opening in 2001, and from time to time it is worth mentioning the restaurant owned by the passionate couple, David and Leora Seboek, because there is always something in Baraka that foodies cannot resist. A Hungarian food blogger, Róbert Izing from Porché Roadster online magazine visited Baraka for the second time, now when they were preparing the summer menu. André Bicalho chef did not only make some notes, but created a 100 page document on his dream summer dishes. “We are starting to have the feeling that this restaurant at Dorottya street is not belonging to the catering industry but the entertainment industry. Altough every single element is edible, the menu is more like a show or a special performance. From scene to scene we will be surprised by something funny” – writes the blogger and he gives examples of this endless creativity. The next picture shows a big wheel well known from the adventure parks of our childhood: now carries the amuse bouche: crab with macaron, goose liver with yuzu candy.

Great wine selection

What to pair with the big wheel and with what it carries? For example a Babarczi Sauvignon Blanc from Pannonhalma. Baraka wine selection is wide and clever: you can find bottles from Kamptal, Mosel, Burgundy, Rias Baixas – just to mention a few world famous wine regions represented on Baraka’s wine list–, but the Hungarian wine selection is worthy as well. Not only cult wineries, but smaller or less known wineries can be chosen, too. Babarczi is from the small Pannonhalma wine region, and though more and more places list their wines, it is still rare to find them. Babarczi wines are elegant and complex, yet light and lovely to drink. “A subtle, medium-bodied, elegant wine with a refreshing balanced nose reminiscent of elderflower, nettle and white-fleshed fruit. Its delightful lemon crispness and firm acidity awakens your taste buds, softened with hints of peach and tropical fruit. It lingers extensively on the palate.”

Apricot dessert with peachy pink bubbles

This summer’s apricot creation is one of the highlights of Baraka. The juicy summer fruit takes different textures and shapes, and brings back the most memorable Augusts of our life. Colour is not the only reason to choose Kreinbacher Pinot Noir Brut for this dessert: the lightness, the elegance and the playful textures perfectly match with the creamy mousse of the méthode traditionnelle sparkling wine of Somló. “The nose is clear and full of fruits: pomegranate, strawberry, red cherries, some grapefruit and violet. Firm and precise structure with refreshing citrus aromas like grapefruit and lime, red-currant, strawberry. Despite its distinct acidity, this Rosé is easy to drink, quite rich and pleases the palate with a creamy mousse. Crystal clear wine with a nice finish. It’s all about freshness, for those who are attracted to spontaneity.”

Apricot, apple, sudachi, tofu

A sightseeing spot itself

Baraka restaurant changed its location in 2015, since then the restaurant has been operating in the very heart of Budapest, in the majestic Dorottya Palace. Just a few steps from the river Danube!

1051 Dorottya Street 6. Budapest 
Monday–Saturday 18.00–22.30 

Advanced booking is strongly advised

Saint Jacques scallops (USA), passionfruit, dashi, radish

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