Nyereg – the beginning of a beautiful friendship

A “culturbistro” in the City Park of Budapest

The 1st Hungarian WebWineWrinting contest has just been over, the winners have been announced, what is more, we have done a 4 day tour to take the winners through 4 wine regions of Hungary. The trip was amazing, 4 days full of new experiences and great wines, thanks to our host wineries.

The meeting place was in Budapest, at Heroes’ square, and then our trip started with a welcome lunch at Nyereg, a “culturbistro” in the City Park, the second biggest park in Budapest.

A joyful summer dish

Our starter was a superb start: goose liver burger with onion jam. Our American, Singaporean, Serbian, Catalan guests received an immediate insight of the delicacies of our country. The main course, rib eye steak with Cajun sauce and grilled garden vegetables was also delicious, soon the whole group was enjoying the sunny afternoon in the shadow of the oak trees with a feeling of eternal tranquility. The “spaghetti’ ice cream with strawberry was an ideal full stop to this gastronomic sentence, and of course the courses were accompanied by wines. Kő-Papír-Olló from Csetvei Cellar was a fresh start, while Eszterbauer Kadarka from Szekszárd was a fruity, lovely wine, which was lovely to drink even in the heat of the summer.

New section in our website

Nyereg is cosy, great place to stay, Csaba Nagy, the manager of the restaurant directs his team efficiently, and as a result every single waiter does a great job to make guests feel at home. The historic building (the oldest one in the City Park) and the green surroundings make this place a perfect meeting place. We can highly recommend the restaurant to our readers, thus we have decided to initiate a new section in our website called Trendy places.

The first place in our new section is Nyereg, you can find it here:

Trendy Places

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