The scholars love the „French Style”

Two Hungarian Universities selected the same red blend

The University of Pécs organizes an annual wine contest to select the white and red wine of the university. The white winner is Tribus Cuvée 2017 by the university’s viticulture and oneology research centre, while the red winner is the so called Francia Módi 2015 (something like French Style), a red blend from Villány by Koch Winery (In the photo Csaba Koch, the owner of the winery is on the right, Attila Miseta, rector of the University of Pécs is on the left). The latest one is a Bordeaux blend with refined structure, perfect balance and elegance. The wines contested with 39 other wines from 17 wineries from the four south-west wine regions (Szekszárd, Villány, Tolna and Pécs). The evaluation was conducted in two phases: first wine experts, later the scholars tasted the wines, both times blind. Funny enough that Francia Módi was selected by another university a few months earlier: the scientific centre of South-East Hungary, University of Szeged, Faculty of Medicine chose Francia Módi the wine of the faculty in April 2018. 

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