Rock band releases Szekszárd wine

Omega & Eszterbauer & Takler

There is a legendary song called White Dove by the world famous German rock band, Scorpions. Originally it was a Hungarian song by Omega rock band, and the original title was „Girl with pearl hair”. There is no scandal, no stealing, the two bands have had a friendly relationship for a long time – it is just accidental that the song became more famous in the Scorpions’ interpretation. (And later it became probably more famous when American Kanye West really stole part of the song and used in his New Slaves without permission. He was sued by the author of the song and had to pay.) Omega is still active, they are preparing for their next album, as it was announced in a press conference this week in Szekszárd, where the band also announced the release of a new wine inspired by them and made together by two Szekszárd winemaker, János Eszterbauer and Ferenc Takler. The wine Omega Testament is made by Kékfrankos, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot – and some of the Kékfrankos was grown in the vineyard of the singer János Kóbor’s late grandfather.

From right to left: János Eszterbauer, Ferenc Takler and the members of the band Photo: Dénes Mártonfai / TEOL

The original song by Omega


White Dove by Scorpions


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