Drink Franc Today!

Our Cabernet Franc Quiz is immensely popular, hundreds of winelovers have already filled it in. Have you? Click here to test your knowledge, today it is highly up to date… „The quality and character of Cabernet Franc from Villány seems worth investigating for UK buyers. The challenge is recognition. But Villány is about to change that. Some Villány growers, including Gere and Bock, are already working in the UK, building the foundations of Cabernet Franc – and Villány”Wines of Hungary reports Peter McCombie MW’s opinion after his recent visit in Villány. And of course today you must get rid of whatever you have in your glass, rinse it, fill it with Cabernet Franc and celebrate this magnificent variety! How about the 2015 vintage Villányi Franc from Vylyan Vineyard and Winery? This wine displays a beautiful balance with vivid acidity and velvety tannins. It has a complex character in which refreshing fruitiness plays with opulent barrel notes.