„The Wine is There Tomorrow!” – a flexible delivery company

We have received several e-mails recently from readers all over Europe, who would like to order some Hungarian wines, but the company they contacted does not ship abroad. We have found a flexible webshop in Hungary with a good selection of wines shipping abroad as well.

When enthusiasm meets logistics

The company was founded in 2014 by two winelover friends: Zsófia, who had been project manager of a major bank and Péter, who has been leading the commercial department of a winery. He often said to his clients when they were placing orders: „Keep calm, the wines will be there tomorrow!” It is great when the wines arrive quickly, without queuing in shops, carrying heavy bags, and it is even better if the wines are different from the selection of every supermarket. By now the small company works efficiently and they delivers smoothly and quickly at good prices. They ship abroad as well, but the price and the duration of the delivery depends on the distance, thus in case you want to order, browse the wines on the website, and then send an email with the name of the wines, the number of bottles and your address to Zsófia Simon: zsofi@holnapott.hu

How to browse the selection

The webshop https://www.holnapottabor.hu (literally meaning „the wine is there tomorrow”) is not available in English yet, but the selection can be found easily, just click on ’Borok’ menu and find the title ’Borászatok’ if you are looking for certain wineries, or you can choose by the grape varieties listed on the right side of the page. As for wine descriptions check our page (hungarianwines.eu), you will find most of the wines under the brief introductions of the wineries in case of Babarczi Winery (Pannonhalma), Csetvei Winery (Mór), Frittmann Winery (Kunság), Tornai Winery (Somló) and Thummerer Winery (Eger).

What to order now? 3 tips

A wine made reductive technology is usually to be consumed early, especially an aromatic wine like Tramini (Traminer). However, when it is made with extra attention and aptitude, the wine lasts much longer. This Tramini is now not to be kept, but to be consumed – and since there is a discount on it (only 1490 HUF = 4.6 euros), why not try it?

Krisztina Csetvei makes her wines with skill, creativity and love, the results are loads of successful wines like SunMoonStar or the members of the Rock-Paper-Scissor wine family.

A pack of new vintage wines (Csetvei Panna Rosé ’17, Csetvei Ezerjó tartály ’17, Csetvei Pinot Noir ’15, Csetvei Szürkebarát ’16, Csetvei Zöldveltelini ’17, Csetvei Olló ’15) is available now at a very good price (14.990 HUF / 6 bottles = 46 euros).

Juhfark is an indigenous, unique grape variety of volcanic Somló, and this wine is a stunning expression of the variety. Grófi is an outstanding vineyard which gives extraordinary fruit every year. This oak aged wine is vibrant and round on the palate. Besides the creamy, fruity notes, there is some minerality in the background, accompanied by refined oaky flavours. The long finish is unforgettable. Complex wine with plenty of future ahead.

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