Is it cold? Heat yourself with superb Kristinus Pálinka!

In Hungary temperature is rather chilly, minus 1–2 daytime and around minus 5–7 °C at night. A glass of ’pálinka’, the Hungarian origin protected spirit is a great help in this severe winter, what’s more it gives special pleasure to winelovers. It is always fun to guess the original fruit and in case of grape pálinka to guess the grape variety. Outstanding quality pálinka can be manufactured only of good quality, healthy grape or if we talk about marc spirit, then the good quality of marc is inevitable. If the marc is dry, overextracted, the outcoming spirit will lack elegance and flavours. Kristinus Estate on the south of Lake Balaton makes pálinka of three different grapes: Irsai Olivér, Traminer and Yellow Muscat.The state-of-art estate offers bistrot lunch and dinner, wine cinema and some fancy rooms if you taste too much and decide to stay for the night…


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