Infinite pleasures from Szekszárd

Infinity Cuvée from Lajvér Wine Estate is a perfect wine for the capricious month of April. Windy or rainy, sunny or cloudy, the weather plays tricks on us, but we mustn’t let ourselves be influenced by the sudden changes, we had better indulge ourselves in the deep, fruity layers of the Cabernet Franc based blend. Dark fruits, barrel spices, refined, toasty notes characterize this special wine selected from the best barrels. The wine can be kept for years, but it is ready to be consumed now. The complex wine needs similarly complex dishes, but it is ideal to be the last drink of the day by itself. Lajvér Wine Estate is a state of art complex with a wine bistro and several events on the spot, and the winery is the living proof of the fact that elegant wine is not a privilege of the rich. Their wide portfolio is full of great value wines from the crispy, reductive whites through rosés and easy to drink, silky textured red wines to full bodied, complex selection wines like Infinity Cuvée.

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