Single vineyard Chardonnay with silver shine

Chardonnay du Monde has been recently organized for the 26th time, and of course the judgement took place in the most prestigious region of the variety: in Burgundy. This year 695 wines were evaluated from 36 countries, and this year Hungary could gather more noble prizes than last year! This year 2 gold medals (Gál Vineyard 2017 and Várszegi Winery 2016 wines, both barrel aged, both from Balaton region) were awarded to Hungary along with 3 silver medals. One of the silver winners is Hilltop Winery with a special Chardonnay, which belongs to the premium Kamocsay Ákos Chardonnay Selection brand of the winery. Ákos Kamocsay is the chief winemaker of Hilltop, and he has been selected the Winemaker of the Year not only in Hungary, but also in the United Kingdom! The silver winning Chardonnay is a single vineyard wine from Urbánkó vineyard was aged on fine lees for 6 months. „Elegant with unique character of spices, it deserves attention.”. The wine is available now with a special pack of 6 Chardonnay wines, 5 of them are from different vineyards, while the 6th is the estate Chardonnay of Hilltop.

More about the special Chardonnay Selection

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