Macok Bistro – the nicest way to siege the castle of Eger

One of the 10 best restaurants of Hungarian countryside (Dining Guide magazine), Macok uses local ingredients like trout from neighbouring Szilvásvárad or artisan cheese from Bükk region. The wine list is great: guests can choose from a widerange of Eger wines and some carefully selected wines from other wine regions of Hungary.

Breathtaking location

Eger is a city of legends and stories. Once there was a survey among the citizens of Hungary, they had to vote for their favourite book. The winner is a novel written by Géza Gárdonyi, it is called Egri Csillagok (The Stars of Eger, though the title of the English translation is Eclipse of the Crescent Moon). Eger and its castle, the setting of the novel and the famous siege has an important place in the heart of every Hungarian. Macok Bistro is located just by the feet of the castle, an ideal place to start our tour or to relax after „conquerring the castle”.


Love is all around

„Good for me if it’s good for you.” The slogan of the bistro is simple and still wiser than anything. If the guests are happy, the owners are happy as well, it is as simple as that, espacially if a place is run by a family. Double times true if it is run by two families… Macok is run by two couples: János Macsinka is the chef, his wife, Éva Csorba does the controlling, while Péter Szternák is the manager and head of the wine shop within the bistro (called Peti’s wine shop), and his wife, Tímea Dudás is responsible for marketing. So much love must be felt all around, and indeed it does! Let us recommend some wines and signature dishes from Macok.

  •  Fermented cucumber soup with dill mousse and sausage crumb

A soup with incredible refreshing affect, an amazing combination of flavours! Fermented cucumber is popular all over Hungary as garnish, but as the base of a soup it is more than revolutionary. Surprising and delicious! As for the wine, it needs a pair of intensive aromas and a full bodied wine is even better. Egri Csillag, the white blend from Eger is an ideal partner from St Andrea (Hello Csillag 2016) or Tóth Ferenc Winery (Egri Csillag Superior 2017).

  •  Pork tenderloin with “potato casserole” and porcini mushroom stew

Tender meat, clever, home-like garnish and the heavenly taste of porcini – an unforgettable meal, which is easy to pair with wines. Pinot Noir? Absolutely, since pork is somewhere between red and white meat, and the mushroom corresponds with the earthy notes of the variety. 777 Kovács Nimród Pinot Noir is a super choice. And if you prefer more full bodied and concentrated wines, try the famous red blend of Eger, the Egri Bikavér for example from iconic Thummerer Winery 2013 vintage is available in magnum bottle!

  •  Cottage cheese dumplings with sour cream mousse and homemade apricot jam

An all time favourite, a simple, yet carefully made dessert, the manifestation of harmony. The tender texture of the cottage cheese dumplings take you back to the best memories of childhood. As for the wines, again an easy job: any late harvest wine is good as long has the acidity is not too high, because high acidity can result bitter sensation in cottage cheese. Leányka Superior 2017 late harvest wine from Tóth Ferenc Winery is an ideal accompaniment of the adorable dessert.

Macok – a place to stay long

The owners of Macok run a hotel as well, thus if you feel like staying after an abundant dinner, Imola Udvarház Dessert Hotel is the ideal choice with rooms overlooking the castle.

And if you are looking for a place to have lunch the next day, Brumbrum is there for you, run again by the same team. And what to take home? Some wines, just find your favourite in Peti’s Wine Shop – also run by the same team. Countless pleasures in one place, here:

Macok Bistro, Brumbrum, Imola Udvarház Dessert Hotel, Peti’s Wine Shop

Hungary 3300 Eger
Tinódi Sebestyén tér (square) 4.
(GPS: Dózsa György tér 4.)
Telephone: +3636-516-180