Two vertical tastings in the hottest village of Tokaj

Tállya is one of the communes of Tokaj wine region, a village you can hear mentioned more and more times. Exciting upcoming town of Tokaj” –wrote Rob Smyth wine writer in Budapest Business Journal, and he is just one of the journalists reporting the potential of Tállya. At Wine Paris last Febraury two young ladies gave a full house masterclass from Tállya, Dorka Homoky (Homoky Winery) and Anikó Kada (TR Winery). Now the two wineries join forces again and await guests for an exciting double vertical tasting on 13 September.

– Homoky Dorkawines to be tasted: 2018 Estate Dry, 2017 Estate Dry, 2016 Estate Dry, 2015 Estate Dry, Aszú (Tokaj dessert wine specialty).
– TR Tállya line-up: 2017 Dry Furmint, 2017 Sweet, 2016 Sweet, 2015 Sweet, 2013 Sweet, 2014 Szamorodni. The price of the line is 7900 HUF/person (24 euros), which includes the tasting portion of the above-mentioned wines, water, and some bread.Apart from the double vertical tasting wineries and cellars of Tállya village will be welcoming guests for a tasting over the whole weekend, it is the so called „Open Cellars” weekend, a wonderful event in the flavoursome season of harvest.

Registration for the tasting and vineyard tour: