Hungarian cheese & Tokaj wines

Tokaj wine region, the land of royal wines includes several tiny villages, each of them has its own personality, terroir and enthusiastic winemakers. Bodrogkeresztúr and Bodrogkisfalud are two spectacular villages with the romantic banks of the river Bodrog. On 27–28 September the 10th ’Mindszenthavi Mulatság’ (’Festivity of All saints month’) awaits its guests with amazing wines, food and music. A cheese & wine masterclass is a top feature of this year’s festivity.

Cheese & Wine masterclass

Artisan cheese shop Zsendice teamed with winemakers to create an unforgettable tasting. The masterclass will take place at Tokaj Nobilis Winery Bordrogkeresztúr at 16.30 on 28 September, and it will be held by dr Gabriella Mészáros renowned Hungarian wine expert.

  •  Participants can taste for example Dereszla Tokaj Vintage Brut 2015 méthod traditionnelle sparkling wine along with fresh sheep cheese. The vintage sparkling has all the characteristics of Tokaj with lovely notes of autolysis. A good start with a perfect pair.
  • Dereszla Kabar 2017 will be paired with ’peasant cheese’ from a small cheese manufacture from Dunaharaszti. Kabar, this less known variety is full of linden notes, and due to its barrel ageing, the wine is complex enough to be paired with more complex and flavourful cheeses.
  •  Tokaji Aszú is the dream partner of matured cheeses, participants can taste Patricius Tokaji Aszú 5 puttonyos Selection with blue cheese made of goat milk. The complex botrytised wine full of dried apricot and honey notes is amazing with the noble cheese, and the acidity of the wine corresponds well with the fat of the cheese.

Full list of wines

TOKAJ NOBILIS Furmint Sparkling Brut 2016
CHATEAU DERESZLA Tokaj Vintage Sparkling Brut 2015
KIKELET PINCE Kassai Hárslevelű 2018
CHATEAU DERESZLA Tokaji Kabar 2018
BOTT PINCE Tokaji Hárslevelű Kulcsár vineyard 2018
TOKAJ NOBILIS Barakonyi Furmint 2017
KIKELET CELLAR Late harvest 2012
PATRICIUS Tokaji Aszú 5 puttonyos Selection

For more information contact Tamás Antal Tóth organizer and cheese expert:

Tickets (in Hungarian)

Tokaj is unparallel – but there is one pair to it!

If you cannot make it to Tokaj in September, you can still taste tokaji wine with its perfect cheese pair with the help of Zsendice cheese shop staff in Budapest.

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