Kristinus Irsai Olivér is the favourite of Taiwanese

According to a survey carried on by ProWein, Taiwan is the 3rd most important export market for wineries in the world (1st Singapoore, 2nd Checz Republic). Taiwan with a population of 24 million has a growing wine market due to developing wine education and increased interest in wine used in gastronomy, therefore Taipei Wine & Spirit Exhibition on 15–18 November is an important event. Petros Wines is an importing company exhibiting in Taipei, and at their booth visitors can taste wines from Hungary, namely from Kristinus Wine Estate, South Balaton wine region. The representative of Petros Wines has told that they discovered Kristinus at a wine exhibition, and they were so pleased by the wines, that they have been importing almost the whole portfolio since then. Taiwanese like Kristinus Irsai Olivér, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon the most. If you happen to visit Taipei Wine & Spirit Exhibition, do not miss Petros Wines and taste the favourite white Hungarian of the locals: Kristinus Oliver. „With the fragrance of lilies of the valley and the perfume notes typical to its variety; with fruity and fresh flavour. A pleasant companion of conversations either in itself or to pair with light dishes, fruit salads, fruity desserts.”

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