Hungarian „Happy Grape” on IWC Canopy website

The plant is clever enough – we shouldn’t tell it how to grow,” – says Csaba Koch Hungarian winemaker and biologist in a recent article by Chris Boiling, wine editor of Canopy on International Wine Challenge website. Chris Boiling visited Koch Vineyard in Hajós–Baja wine region this August with team, and he was amazed by the vigorous vineyard Csaba Koch showed us around. „The key is that we do not restrict the grapegrowing. We create big but airy leafage, which significantly triggers the photosynthesising capability of the vine-plant, and (boosts) the quality of the grape and wine.” Csaba Koch’s method seems to be funcioning: his wines have been collecting gold medals and other prestigious prizes, and meanwhile he can keep prices at reasonable level due to the savings in the vineyard. „Many winemakers underestimate the role of leaves” – explains Koch in Canopy article. For those, who don’t, and what to learn more, Koch Winery offers vineyard tours and winery visits, plus they also have 8 rooms to stay in a lovely guest house surrounded by „happy grapes”.

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