Touristic workshop with wines in Madrid

„Hungary, the heart of Europe” is the title of the workshop organized by the Hungarian Tourism Agency for Spanish tour operators, travel agencies in Madrid (Gran Via Hub). Regarding tourists travelling to Hungary, the Spanish are the on top list, however, they seem to stay in the capital only, just a few of them decides to discover the country. On 14 November touristic experts will have a chance to taste the highlights of Hungarian gastronomy, plus they will be pleased with a great selection of wines from dry Furmint through Juhfark from Somló and Bikavér from Eger, and of course Tokaji Aszú will also be presented. Juhfark is an indigenous grape with unique taste, high acidity and a great story: during the era of the Austro–Hungarian Empire, the royal house of the Habsburgs ordered their aristocrats to consume Juhfark wine from Somló regularly, because the wine was believed to influence the gender of the baby, namely to give boy heirs to their families. Is it true? Read our previous article on the topic. As for Juhfark, let us introduce you Kreinbacher Juhfark, one of the wines of the workshop: „Citrus fruits, mineral tones of the Somló terroir and a touch of mint give the wine a cool character in the nose. Round, medium bodied Juhfark with intense fruitiness and refreshing acidity. Ripe fruits, and pear last in the aftertaste, and the salty aroma comes back on the palate, as well.”

A limited number of professionals can still register for the workshop here

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