3 top Sauvignon Blanc from Hungary

Elderflowers are blossoming all around the country, as if God had given a hint to beginner winelovers about the aromas of the seasonal variety: Sauvignon Blanc. Hungary has continental climate, and the cooler regions are most suitable for this grape, let’s see three of the most beautiful Sauvignons.

Babarczi Sauvignon Blanc 2019

The family winery is situated in the small Pannonhalma wine region, northwest of Budapest (1,5 hours’ drive). The climate of Pannonhalma is ideal for the variety, thus the Babarczis started to include Sauvignon in their portfolio of crispy, reductive wines in 2013. The 2018 vintage became the Best Wine of the Month in April in 2019 (VinCE Magazine), and the current vintage, the ’19 is also an outstanding example of the variety. A supple, medium-bodied, elegant wine with a refreshing balanced nose reminiscent of elderflower, nettle and white-fleshed fruit. Its delightful lemon crispness and firm acidity awakens your taste buds, softened with hints of peach.it. It lingers extensively on the palate.When the present situation is over, it is worth visiting the winery to enjoy real hospitality and great wines.

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Sauska Sauvignon Blanc 2019

This wine comes from Tokaj – but of course, we cannot find the word Tokaj on the label. Sauvignon Blanc is not a permitted variety in Tokaj, therefore it cannot be named with the regions’s name. Still, the estate has been experimenting with “SuperTokaj” wines for quite a few years, and always with extraordinary outcome. To retain varietal character, the wine was aged on fine lees only for two months. “Pale yellow with greenish hues. Bee wax dominate the nose along with elderflower and nettle. On the palate, the wine is refreshingly cool and balanced, lean yet tropical. Pineapple, ripe grape and the typical Tokaj saltiness make it memorable. Quite a charmer.” Bortársaság wine store emphasises minerality in its wine review: “It starts with a restrained nose, then the citrus and green herb aromas kick off in the glass. The palate is very strong too, with a rich mouthful, broad acidity and subtle salty minerality that fills the mouth.”

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Haraszthy Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Etyek–Buda wine region is one the most important cool climate regions in Hungary. Within only a 40 minutes’ drive from Budapest, Etyek is the “Vineyard of the Capital”, a popular place for weekend excursions. Haraszthy Winery reopens its Matador restaurant this weekend (9th May), of course with strict regulations to ensure safety. The winery is famous for its Sauvignon Blanc, every vintage is among the top ones of Hungary. The 2019 vintage has just been released, and we can expect a “mega hit” again: “A fresh and zippy New World style Sauvignon Blanc. This delectable Sauvignon Blanc tempts the drinker with hints of lime, nettles, elderflower and freshly cut grass framed exquisitely with citrus undertones. Famously zesty and fresh on the nose and palate. Upon drinking, subtle acidity is balanced beautifully with the scent of aromas. A long and luxurious aftertaste brings fruit flavours to the fore. Great companion for the grill season!”

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