Winemaker of the Winemakers: Top 5 announced!

This award is considered to be the most prestigious one by many experts, because the winemakers themselves choose the best one. The nomination was done by the previous award winners, and the circle of the best 50 was announced on 6th March. Then the voting period took place, the 50 nominated winemakers voted for their favourite among them. Now the top 5 have been announced: Károly Áts (Grand Tokaj, Tokaj), Sarolta Bárdos (Tokaj Nobilis, Tokaj), Judit Bodó (Bott Cellar, Tokaj), Zoltán Heimann (Heimann, Szekszárd), István Ipacs Szabó (Vylyan, Villány – in the photo). Now the 50 winemakers will vote again, they will decide who gets the “Hollywood Walk of Fame”-like star on the pavement of Zrínyi street in Budapest. It is great to see that the five of them are from different scales: Grand Tokaj is the largest winery in Tokaj and Vylyan is the second largest in Villány – but winemaker colleagues seemingly understand and respect the work these winemakers do to maintain outstanding quality in significant quantity. Heimann is a medium size winery, while Tokaj Nobilis and Bott are smaller ones with maximum respect of the terroir. All five have long history of dedicated, humble work to create the purest, the most elegant and most expressing wines. Congratulations to all of them!

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[…] Yesterday evening the winner of this prestigious Hungarian award was announced, and the winner is Károly Áts, chief winemaker of Grand Tokaj! The award has a special importance, because, as we wrote earlier, the winner is chosen by 49 other winemakers, thus the trade selects the best winemaker from trade members. Áts Károly is a world famous winemaker, he is often dubbed as “The 100 score Karcsi Áts”, because he made an exceptional Tokaji Esszencia 1999 at Hugh Johnson’s Royal Tokaji winery. The result is legendary, the American Wine & Spirits magazine has given 100 points for the first time in its history. Then he received 100 points from Robert Parker for another Tokaji Esszencia (2007). He has been chief oenologist of Grand Tokaj since 2013, and with him a new era began at the largest winery of Tokaj wine region with new spirit and new impetus. Did you know? While in Hollywood you can see names of celebrated movie stars in Walk of Fame, in Budapest, Hungary you can see similar stars, but they belong to celebrated winemakers. So the next person with a star on the pavement of Zrínyi pedestrian street in the 5th district of Budapest is Károly Áts. Congratulations! Our previous article about the 5 finalists […]

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