7 Spring Wine Events in Hungary

  1. Badacsony in New York

Date: 5 April
Location: Erzsébet krt 9–11., Budapest, Hungary, 1073 (New York Café, Hotel Boscolo)
Type of event: professional and consumer tasting

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Badacsony wine region presents its new vintage wines in New York, in fact in New York Café, a historic café house in Budapest. The café was the centre of Hungarian literary life in the 19th century. A magnificent setting for wine tasting! Badacsony wine region with its volcanic soil from the north of Lake Balaton produces excellent wines of indigenous and international grape varieties, and they make a few red wines as well. Come and taste together with the winemakers in an astonishing scenery. More than 30 wineries, fresh vintages and museal wines as this year’s extra feature.

Opening hours: 4 pm – 9 pm
Price of ticket: 5900 HUF in advance, 6900 HUF on the spot (in limited quantity)
More information:
Tel.: +36-87-531-013
Email: badacsonytomaj@tourinform.hu


Tips: Do not miss Szászi Winery with its organic wines, Péter Váli with his great Kéknyelű, Gilvesy for his superb Rhine Riesling, 2H Winery for his ’rebel’ wines.

  1. Spring Cellar Opening in Hajós–Baja

Date: 8 April
Location: Hajós cellar village
Type of event: wine and gastronomy festival with live music

Hajós–Baja wine region is not the most famous regarding its wines, but it is definitely worth a visit, especially the museal cellar village of Hajós with 1200 little cellars built next to each other. This annual spring event is organized by an association of young winemakers who rely on their fathers and grandfathers’ knowledge. The festivity offers music, street food, traditional food like ’mangalitza’ ham, Transylvanian cheese and many other culinary bits.

Cellars are open from 12 a.m.

More information:
Email: vintegro@gmail.com
Tel.: +36 30 336 5424

Tip: Visit Koch Winery where you can stay in the guest house, have rustic, unforgettable dinner, and you can taste wines from ridiculously good price value to multiple award winning dessert wines.


  1. Spring Picnic of Etyek

Date: 8-9 April
Location: Etyek (20 minutes drive from Budapest), several locations in the village
Type of event: consumer wine, gastronomy and music festival with craft fair

‘Let’s have spring in our hearts too! Titled drinks, tasty gastronomy, Picnic Wine Campus and craftmen’s market’ – say the organizers who were one of the very first wine event organizers in Hungary. You are near the capital of Hungary, as often said ‘in the orchard of Budapest’, and you are guaranteed to have a good time.

More information:
Web: http://www.etyekipiknik.hu/index.php/en/#sp-component

Tips: Taste the wines of Géza Balla, who is a ’guest winemaker’ from Arad, Transylvania. Also take time to visit the state of art winery of Etyeki Kúria and Haraszthy Winery.


  1. Great Tokaj Wine Auction

Date: 22 April
Location: Synagoge of Tokaj
Type of event: Wine auction

The Confrérie is preparing the Great Tokaj Wine Auction 2017 – to be held in Tokaj on 22nd April as part of a weekend of exclusive events with top Tokaj winemakers. “We had a great dream four years ago, but it has been proven that we can make our Tokaj dreams come true” – said Samuel Tinon, a French winemaker who chose to live and make wine in Tokaj. Special wines and selections assemble in the Auction line this year, too. Twenty lots to tempt international appreciators of wine. An increasing circle of Tokaj producers recognise the endeavours of the Great Tokaj Wine Auction and the opportunities it o ers And perhaps there is no better example than the fact that the youngest producers in the wine region, Generation Y, have joined together with a special Aszú selection for the Auction. A new producers’ circle, Tállya Horizon, is also presenting itself with the aim of showing the most outstanding terroirs of the village through their bottle selection” – added Samuel Tinon in an interview.

The auction starts at 3 p.m., however there are programs before and after.

More information:
Web: http://tokajiborlovagrend.hu/en/the-great-tokaj-wine-auction-2017/

Tip: Bid on Pajzos Tokaj wine (see the catalogue on the website). Good quality, reasonable price. Visit Béres Winery not far from Tokaj and enjoy the spectacular view from their tasting room. Visit Patricius Wine House and their vine conservatory of rare vines. Visit Chateau Dereszla and its ancient vineyards. Visit Sauska Tokaj in the very centre of the town of Tokaj and taste their outstanding quality wines.


  1. Szent György Day

Date: 29 April
Location: Szent György Mountain, Lake Balaton
Type of event: Rural, traditional wine tasting tour in the vineyards of the mountain

According to the legend Saint George killed a dragon, therefore to commemorate his heroic deed there is a well with the head of a dragon at the foot of the mountain in the tiny village of Raposka. On Saint George day the mayor of the village arranges to pour his own wine from the well. The happy crowd visits several ’little bit more than hobby wine cellars’ together and then the whole manifestation ends up in the village’s mayor’s courtyard to eat goulash.

If you are interested in this very unique event, contact us, because you will hardly find any English language information anywhere else:

More information:


  1. ’Spring Wine Buzz’ (Tavaszi borzsongás)

Date: 29 April – 1 May
Location: Villány (2,5 hours drive from Budapest)
Type of event: consumer wine, gastronomy and music festival with craft fair

Villány is the mediterranean wine region in Hungary, and probably the southern spirit is the reason for the number of lively festivities held in the small town and its neigbourhood. This festival is full of jazz and blues and of course wine.

The program is still to be updated:
Web: https://www.facebook.com/Borzsongas/

Tips: Have lunch at Bock Óbor restaurant where you get home like cuisine of local recipes. Visit Malatinszky Kúria, a winery with superb quality. Buy wines at Csányi Winery – the best price value. Stay in Hotel Crocus, the spa hotel of Gere Attila Winery.


  1. Rosalia Festival

Date: 12–14 May
Location: Budapest City Park
Type of event: consumer wine festival concentrating almost exclusively on rosé and sparkling wines

Rosalia Festival is the greatest springtime wine festival of Budapest. Visit Budapest City Park behind Heroes’ Square to enjoy the warm atmosphere of Rosalia. Rosé and sparkling wines, an easy-going welcome of summer, street food and live concerts in the most famous park of Budapest.

More information:
Web: http://www.rosalia.hu/en/home_1

Tips: Visit these exhibitors for sure: Csányi Winery (Villány), Etyeki Kúria (Etyek), Gere Attila (Villány), Haraszthy Winery (Etyek), Koch Winery (Hajós–Baja), Lajvér Borház (Szekszárd)