What is the aim of hungarianwines.eu?

Hungary has great wines that deserve attention, we know it, because having been involved in local wine industry for more then a decade, we have deep knowledge of Hungarian wines and their producers. Due to consecutive changes in wine marketing boards in Hungary, the official information website still does not exist, thus some ambitious wine experts decided to create a so called ‘civil’ informational website. At the moment it is not backed by any governmental body, the work is voluntary, supplemented by a small subscription fee from wineries. We are passionate about wine and we strongly believe that Hungary deserves a spot in the map of the world of wine. We are not native English of course, we are Hungarian, therefore the language of the articles will not be spotless all the time. We hope that the frequency of updates, the content of the articles, the amount of information published here will make our visitors satisfied. If you cannot find the answer to any of your questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us!

Team Members

Agnes Nemeth

Agnes Nemeth

Founder and Editor

I have been working with wine for 12 years, but my likeness of wines goes back in time even further. I adore winemakers, especially since I have tried to make wine once and the outcome was a disaster. It made me appreciate more the ones who create exciting wines, which are much more then a drink. I am far from being a wine expert, but I hope that my zest and my intention will do something useful for the wonderful wines of Hungary.


Tamas Dobos

Founder and Graphic Designer

Hungarian wines and their producers deserve publicity and visibility. There is space enough in the Internet for all of us, why not spread the words and photos of this great wine producing country? The lack of virtual information is a shame – especially in an era, when Internet tools are almost free of charge. I believe that a good image, a well chosen logo or a cleverly designed label can increase the chance of success a lot.

Istvan Ruff

István Ruff