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Do you need more data, more information on a specific topic? Here you can find some links that can be helpful, though most of the websites are only in Hungarian. You can try google translate, contact the associaton or authority in the given e-mail address (’Kapcsolat’ means Contact), and if you do not succeed, do not hesitate to contact us.

Balatoni Kör

Balatoni Kör – Circle of Balaton

The founders and members believe that Lake Balaton is not five wine regions, but one great wine area which should act likewise. The members’ aim is to change the attitude towards the lake: visitors should be attracted all year, not only in summer. They managed to create a common brand in 2016: ’Balaton Bor’ (Balaton Wine) is a fresh, easy drinking wine made of the most typical grape of the lake, Olaszrizling (aka Welschriesling).

Junibor logo


The association unites young winemakers who belong to family wineries. They have their own programmes, events, and give awards. Their aim is to help each other in the learning process and to address young people and educate them. Junibor has 29 members from 10 different wine regions. Winemakers can beome a member when under 35 and stay in the association till they turn into 40. The wines of Junibor can be tasted in DiVino wine bars.

Magyar Bor Akadémia

Magyar Bor Akadémia – Hungarian Wine Academy

A board of wine professionals and respected scholars, artists with some wine knowledge. The members of the board elect the Winemaker of the Year from the 5 winemakers who got the most nominations. Apart from the award giving, the Academy organises conferences, professional discussions, wine competitions, events and trips, send newsletters.


Magyar Borszakírók Köre – Circle of Hungarian Wine Writers

A relatively new association founded in 2016, the editor of this site is a founder as well. The aim of the Circle is to protect fair writers and media and act together when some unfair behaviour appears. The wine writers work to maintain and improve quality wine writing, discuss topics of professional terms of wine description, organise professional trips, conferences.

Magyar Sommelier Szövetség

Magyar Sommelier Szövetség – Hungarian Sommelier Association

They organise the annual sommelier competition and hold several smaller tastings to educate their members.The association is relatively young, it was founded in 2011 because the founders were not fully satisfied with the work of the existing association

magyar sommelier club

Magyar Sommelier Club – Hungarian Sommelier Club

A member of the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI), they are entitled to organise the Hungarian National Sommelier Championship and to delegate the winner to the European and the World Championship. This is the older sommelier group, it was founded in 1991 and the present name has been used since 2012. They also hold tastings, trips, events.

pannon bormives ceh

Pannon Bormíves Céh – Pannon Wine Guild

This is an association of the most significant family wineries throghout the country. It was founded by 1999 by ten wineries.  It is a prestige to become a member. They hold tasting events, for example the annual Christmas tasting and exhibit together at VinCE Budapest Wine Show. The Guild has 34 members at the moment.

pannonia női borrend

Pannónia Női Borrend – Pannonia Wine Order of Women

There are several wine orders in Hungary, many of them are just excuses for drinking wine. Howevers there are some wine orders that takes their mission seriously, and Pannónia Női Borrend is one of these. They organise charity events, wine related art exhibitions, competitions in which young winemakers can gain monetary help.


Terra Hungarica

Founded in 2011, Terra Hungarica aims to promote authentic wines from Hungary as well as the whole of the Carpathian basin, an ecological oneness beyond political borders in Central-Eastern Europe. Comprising exceptional terroirs and home to many recently recognised and yet to be discovered grape varieties, with its continental climate the region is a perfect place for natural wine growing. Working with 30 producers, they run campaigns, organise tastings and – most importantly – the ‘Mitiszol’ Festival, the one and only authentic wine event in Hungary attracting hundreds of wine lovers year to year. Beyond domestic activities, they also represent many of our members abroad and help them find partners across Europe and worldwide.



Founded on 12th March 2005, the Hungarian Association of Independent Winegrowers (Vindependent) aims primarily to advocate for the interests of small and medium-sized winegrowers in liaising and consulting with trade organisations and authorities in Hungary and the European Union. Vindependent also provides a forum for the discussion of related economic and legislative issues, as well as issues of European and national policies with a view to finding a common ground and driving advocacy accordingly.

Vindependent is a member of CEVI (Confédération Européenne des Vignerons Indépendants), the European Confederation of Independent Winegrowers, whose membership includes family-run wineries from France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Canada. CEVI actively represents its members’ interests, having managed to be allowed to attend as observer the sessions of the European Management Committee for Wine starting from 2011 and voice the opinions of nearly 200,000 producers before legislation is enacted.

Egri Borműhely – Eger Wine Workshop

’Egri Borműhely’ was founded by ten Eger winemakers. Their objective is „to develop their wine ranges, to finetune the existing brands and to establish standards for the highest wine category. In practical terms this means improving the image of Egri Bikavér, strengthening the market presence of Egri Csillag, redefining Szépasszony-völgy, creating and introducing a special Eger bottle and making the wine region more attractive to younger customers.”


Hegyközségek Nemzeti Tanács (HNT) – Board of National Wine Communities

This board is the top authority of all the wine communities of the country. They keep records of all grape growing areas, wine production, import and export and supply statistics. HNT is and interprofessional organisation, it represents all the needs winemakers.

Ministry of Agriculture

The Ministry that is responsible for the whole agricultural sector including grape growing. It has a special board responsible for the origin protection of wine. They also have a special programme called ’Borkiválóságok’, which means Wine Excellencies. It is a panel tasting of wines from the whole country, and the ones which gain the title of Wine Excellency are published in an annual book. Some of these books are available online in English.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

The Ministry is involved in wine through the embassies and cultural institutions around the world. The Ministry has an annual panel tasting where the wines of the Hungarian institutions in foreign countries are chosen.

Nemzeti Turisztikai Ügynökség – National Tourism Agency

The Agency is responsible for the marketing of Hungary and all its products, therefore wine marketing also belongs to the agency. The marketing strategy for wine is under construction.

Országos Borértő Bizottság – Board of National Wine Experts

The board was appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture, and among their other tasks they judge in the above mentioned Wine Excellencies panel tasting.

Wine schools


A wine school and more then that. The founders, a couple – Gabriella Mészáros and Gábor Rohály – were the forst misionaires of wine revolution of Hungary after the changing of the commusnist regime. They used to publish an anuual wine guide and several other books, for exapmle Terra Benedicta, which was published in English as well. The school Borkollégium (literally ’Wine College’) is a Wine and Spirit Education Trust accredited school, students may take their exam in English as well.

Central European Wine Institute (CEWI)

A popular wine school with dynamic instructors and flexible courses. CEWI is a Wine and Spirit Education Trust accredited school, students may take their exam in English as well. If you happen to stay in Hungary and wish to learn about wine, contact them!