Balatonboglár – South Lake Balaton

The south of Lake Balaton is ideal for spending the summer, but also for grape growing. Numerous wineries are worth a visit, and most them await their guests with a restaurant as well. Around the lake now there is a bicycle route full of riders, who can enjoy a break with a glass of cold, refreshing white wine or rosé, while in the evening the region’s rich, fruity red wines comfort the senses.

Kristinus Wine Estate

Lake Balaton is deep and shallow. Diverse and monochromatic: turquoise. Serious as an autumn storm and graceful as the July sunset. White, red and rosé. One kind – one production area. Immerse yourself in them and discover the harmony that the people farming these hills, the South-Balaton climate, the soil and the eco-friendly technology have to offer.

Garamvári Vineyard

Garamvári Vineyard owns altogether 80 hectares of outstanding terroirs with unique climate on the slopes of Balatonlelle, Balatonboglár and Szőlősgyörök. These great vineyards nurture low yield grapes of infinite varieties, which give the base of the wines and sparkling wines of the estate. Premium products include the ethereal yet flavourful méthode traditionelle sparkling wines made of numerous grape varieties, the full bodied, late harvested white wines and the red wines of great ageing potential, rich in extracts and the red blends as well.