Books on Hungarian Wines

On this page we list the English language books on Hungarian wines, started with the latest publication. If you are the author or publisher of a book that should appear here, please, do not hesitate to contact us!


The Year of Furmint

The year of 2017 is the year Furmint was not only given a dedicated day, 1st February, but it was also the year Furmint was recognized with the title, Year of Furmint. With this announcement, a tradition was established, not only within the country’s borders but also on an international level, where it deserves to be. Inventor and implementer of the National Wine Excellency Programme Dr. Eliza Kiss, mastermind behind the Furmint February events Dániel Kézdy, winemaker István Szepsy Jr. and representatives of Furmint USA revealed in a joint press conference what Furmint means to them and why it is important to bestow a grape variety with ambassador roles each year – starting with this authentic Hungarian variety possessing so much opportunities, hopes and trust” – as we can read in the foreword of the recently published bilingual (Hungarian and English) book on Furmint grape.

Every aspect of a grape
The book is really comprehensive, even the most critical minds could not mention anything the book would lack. History of the grape, ancient and actual descriptions of its characteristics, opinions, genetic analysis, regional differences, bottle shapes, Furmint glass (by Riedel), thoughts on the grapes prospects, thoughts on Furmint by winemakers, journalists, wine experts and of course the detailed evaluation of 85 quality Furmint wines from Hungary.
The book is available for free in many wine shops in Hungary (Bortársaság stores and some other places), and if you would like to order a copy, just write to, they will send you a copy until it’s on stock.
You can also find the evaluated Furmint wines online here:

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By Gabriel and Violet

The author of this new book has made more than 500 interviews in the past 15 years, and published several book in his series of “This is how they cook”. In the new album published in English 30 winemakers and 30 famous Hungarians speak about their passion for food and wine. Georg von Habsburg arch prince, Andy Vajna Hungary born Hollywood producer, world famous opera star Andrea Rost, László Cseh Olympic champion in swimming are just some of the names from the book called How To Cook in Hungary – Food & Wine. József Bock, János Eszterbauer, Tamás Tornai, István Frittmann – to mention some of the 30 winemakers depicted in the book. 184 pages, 60 interviews, more than 80 recipes, stories, wine recommendations – all in one book for 9950 HUF (35 euros) + shipment.

Volcanic Wines: Salt, Grit and Power

By John Szabo MS
Published in 2016

Second generation Hungarian John Szabo Master Sommelier has just released his new book.

As The Drinks Business writes:

“Entitled Volcanic Wines: Salt, Grit and Power, the book is thought to be the first to use volcanic soil as the overarching theme to introduce a wide range of grapes and wine regions. As well as introducing the subject of how volcanoes are formed and providing a glossary of volcanic and geological terms, Szabo focuses on eight distinct geographic regions of the world, introducing specific wineries from each region. The regions chosen are the Pacific Northwest, Northern California, Chile, Macaronesia, Alsace and Germany, Italy, Santorini and HungaryThe book launch comes as interest in volcanic wines as a discrete category continues to grow, not just among wine trade professionals but also among consumers. In addition, volcanic wines are occupying an increasingly prominent position on trend-setting restaurant wine lists. As noted on Wine List Confidential, Yotam Ottolenghi’s London restaurant Nopi now has a small section devoted specifically to wines of volcanic origin.”

Tokaj Guide

By Gergely Ripka
Published in 2016

A handy guide of the world famous Tokaj wine region with 100 wineries, plus up-to-date information on everything that’s easy on the eye and palate-to-date information on everything that’s easy on the eye and palate. Tips for gastro workshops, restaurants, accommodation and events. Appendix with even more detailed maps. Castles and fortresses in the Zemplén, places to visit and things to see. Vintage evaluation, wine glossary.

Hungarian Wine
A Tasting Trip to the New Old World

By Robert Smyth
Published in 2015

Hungarian wine has never been so exciting. More than ever before, wine tourism is taking off in the country, revealing a beguiling mix of tradition and innovation. With ancient, underground, rock-hewn cellars and wineries of cutting-edge design, Hungary offers much to experts and amateurs alike. This new guide, written by Budapest resident and wine writer Robert Smyth, visits each of the country’s wine regions, meets the winemakers, tastes the wines and makes recommendations of who to watch. Broaden you palate with some classy new vintages and become familiar with some of the tongue-twisting native grape varieties that are increasingly in demand on world wine lists.
The 350 page book is illustrated with with numerous photographs and detailed maps.

The Pocket Guide to Fine Hungarian Wines

By Tamás Nagy
Published in 2010

The aim of this book is to offer basic information about Hungarian wines, regions and grape varieties. It contains essential knowledge of fine Hungarian wines together with some examples of white and red wines and also Tokaji dessert wines emphasizing this world famous Hungarian speciality.

Food Wine Budapest

By Carolyn Bánfalvi
Published in 2007

Budapest is a city reborn and now experiencing a culinary renaissance in the hands of a new generation of talented chefs and winemakers. Food Wine Budapest is the first culinary guide to the capital and includes dozens of restaurant, café, and shop reviews; descriptions of Hungarian dishes and wines; local color and in-depth information; and all the vocabulary you’ll need (including a glossary of Hungarian food) to insure memorable eating and drinking experiences. Food Wine Budapest demystifies ‘pálinka’, ‘unicum’, and ‘fröccs’; suggests Tokaj food pairings; introduces the nuances of paprika; takes you to historic coffee houses with classic Old World desserts, beer gardens, bohemian bars, old-fashioned restaurants, classic cafes – every worthy culinary destination in the city. This book is a handy guide by a woman who is a native of Washington D.C., but has lived in Hungary since 1999.

Hungary: Its Fine Wines and Winemakers

By David Copp
Published in 2007

The past and present of one of Europe’s greatest and most mysterious vinelands is laid bare in this lavishly photographed and engagingly written homage to Hungarian wine and winemaking. With maps and listings of all Hungarian wine regions, grape varieties in use, and producers and their products.

The Wines of Hungary

By Alex Liddel
Published in 2006

Hungary has 22 wine regions, and a once-proud tradition that had to be completely reinvented after 45 years of communism—during which time the entire structure of grape growing and wine production was altered beyond recognition. This fascinating reference details that readjustment, which continues to this day, and shows how it has developed through privatization, foreign investment, and the dedication of small producers who struggle to achieve quality standards despite a chronic lack of capital. More than 300 wine producers are featured, not only from the famous regions like Tokaj and Villany, where significant progress has been made, but also from the lesser-known regions that may yet have the potential to make world-class wines.

Terra Benedicta –
The Land of Hungarian Wine – Tokaj and Beyond

By Gábor Rohály, Gabriella Mészáros, András Nagymarosy
Published in 2003

A wonderful, detailed, illustrated album written by the pioneers of Hungarian wine. Rohály and Mészáros launched the first wine school in Hungary and were the engine of the so called wine renessaince after the collapse of the communist era.

The book cannot be ordered, but is available in Hungary in limited number.

Hungarian Wines and Wine Regions

By Zoltán Benyák and Tibor Dékány
Published in 2003

The illustrated hardcover 96 page book introduces the history of Hungarian wines and describes the 22 wine regions of the country.