Brand building in wine

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There are some „lovemarks”, brands that we are proud to wear on our body, our mobile phone or car. What makes a winery a lovemark? Tóth Ferenc Winery in Eger wine region is a good example: their catchy labels, tastings with personal touch and of course their great wines attract more and more followers. In this category we expect articles with outstanding brandbuilding ideas. The protagonist can be a winery, but also a wine region, a community brand or a whole wine country.

Giraldo Juan Sebastian

It’s no longer a secret that Hungary is a great wine producing country. But it is not as widely known that Hungary is also a big producer of high-quality oak barrels.

Ruma Singh

Google Chakana and you see the tagline ‘Viticulture for the future’ written alongside. That is what the wines are made for, according to the founder, Juan Pelizzatti of the award-winning Chakana wines of Argentina, established in 2002.

Katalin Kiszel-Kohari

Brand building in wine? Not intending to pose as the devil’s advocate, but is it really possible? Well, of course, it is, but not on the scale of beers or spirits.


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Tóth Ferenc Winery – Our wines tell stories…

The Tóth Ferenc Winery can bravely be called a family winery, as through generations, young and old members of the winemaker family work together passionately to bring forward the good reputation of the winery and the wines of Eger.

Ferenc Tóth and his wife founded the family farm and business in 1983, starting at 1.5 hectares. The year 2005 was an important turning point for both their family and winery life. A new generation joined the farm, the daughter and son-in-law of Ferenc Tóth. Throughout the following years, besides many investments and developments, Katalin has continuously taken over the operative management of the winery, and now with Uncle Feri they manage together all the work of the winery. This way, the winery can be called a family winery and hopefully there will be a grandchild who takes over the cellar key one day in the future…

When it comes to wine-making, their aim is to preserve the old, traditional taste and flavour palate of Eger, and to combine the most modern technologies with the traditional ones. The estate and the winery is characterized by the fact that they do everything from grape planting to wine bottling, so they keep the whole process under their control. Grape processing is done by conventional and reductive methods. Most of the white wines are made with directed fermentation. After the fermentation, red wines are kept in conventional oak barrels for 1.5 to 2 years and then another half a year in bottles before they present them.

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Toronyi Zsuzsa

Tapasztalt és nagy tudású bormarketing szakember, boroktató és végzett borász. Az ő nevéhez fűződik a londoni Wines of Hungary UK bormarketing ügynökség, amely magyar borokat népszerűsít a brit piacon. Korábban Londonban egy vezető multinacionális vállalat marketing-kommunikációs csapatát vezette, előtte pedig Magyarországon borbeszerzőként tevékenykedett, illetve a hazai legnagyobb WSET iskola, a CEWI társtulajdonosa volt.

Tóth Katalin

A kategória támogatója, az egri Tóth Ferenc Pincészet tulajdonosa és ügyvezető igazgatója. Bankvezetői múlttal, 15 éve csatlakozott a családi borászathoz, sok éves vezetői tapasztalattal képez hidat a szakma és a gazdaság egyéb fontos területei között. Több tucat szürettel és sok száz borkóstolóval, borbemutatóval a háta mögött a szőlőfajták és borok gyakorlott ismerője. Okleveles borbírálóként borszakmai rendezvények és borversenyek gyakori résztvevője, az egri Borműhely és az Egri Borbarát Hölgyek Egyesületének alapító tagja.

Luiz Alberto

An always active, passionate wine expert, one of the most important characters of present day wine scene. Luiz Alberto is included in 2019 list of Top Wine Influencers to Follow. A Boston based blogger and founder of the editorial Wine Hub as well as the #WineLover online community. He also judges at several international wine competitions (Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Balkans International Wine Competition – just to mention a few).