Cabernet Franc – a grape variety finding its own path

Cabernet Franc is first and foremost known as one of the “ingredients” of Bordeaux blend, though the variety has the potential to give outstanding quality as a varietal wine as well. Villány is an obvious evidence of this statement, as late Michael Broadbent said “Cabernet Franc has found its natural home in Villány”. Villány is the wine region of complex, unique Franc wines, therefore Villány will host the very first international Cabernet Franc competition in 2021. In this category we expect writings featuring Cabernet Franc. There are no genre restrictions, interviews, travel articles, wine and food pairings or reports are equally welcome. The best articles are informative and make us thirsty for Cabernet Franc!

Peder Lehmann Larsen

Cabernet Franc can be a real chameleon. Given the different climates and terroirs of e.g. Loire, Bordeaux, Bolgheri in Italy or Finger Lakes in the US, it comes little surprise, that Cabernet Franc is produced in many places around the world and it comes with many faces.

Philip Kampe

My Dad was known to his friends as ‘Cab Franc.’ His name was really Joseph and all of his social time with visiting friends was spent talking about his favorite wine and grape from Hungary, Cabernet Franc.

Julia Scavo

When people think about Hungarian wine the first thing that comes into their mind is Tokaj. Most of the time this is the first and only thing they can imagine about Hungary. Some might also know the reputation of the Bikavér, the Bull’s Blood, in which case the image is not always the best.

Cabernet franc
villanyi bor
The Sponsor Of The Category

Villány and the first Franc du Monde

The Villány Wine Region producers have been organising the international Cabernet Franc forum, Franc&Franc for many years. We decided it was time to launch a major wine competition with the focus on Cabernet Franc, i.e. Franc Du Monde 2021.

We are expecting wines from all regions which, like Villány, consider Cabernet Franc principally as a single-varietal wine. Our determination was inspired by our significant experience over the last few years; by 2019, the Villány Wine Region had already organised five events focussing on the variety at an international level for professionals and the public. These gave prominent European and New World wine regions which produce Cabernet Franc the opportunity to introduce themselves at the Franc&Franc event. These are regions who believe in the variety and make single-varietal wine from it.

We felt it was high time to pioneer the launch of an international wine competition to complement our annual Franc&Franc programme. Our vision is a wine competition which focusses on Cabernet Franc.

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The Prizes
  • The absolute winner of all the three categories will receive an all inclusive trip to Hungary on 15–18 August 2020as described on the main page.
  • The winning article of the category will be published on
  • The winner of the category will receive an electronic badge that he or she can place on the website.
  • The winner of the category will receive an unforgettable 3 day stay granted by Villány wine region (Dráva Hotel, Bock Cellar, Gere Attila Winery, Polgár Winery, Vylyan Vineyard and Winery, Günzer Winery) for 2 persons. Details are explained here.
  • The winner of the category can participate in the study tour organized on 15–18 August 2020. The trip includes transfers between the venues, accommodation, meals, tastings. A special feature of the study tour is a visit Villány wine region.
  • All the three finalists (including the winner) of the category will receive a Villány wine package granted by Villány wine region including a bottle of Villányi RedY and a bottle of Villányi Franc.
  • All the three finalists of the category will receive an invitation to the award ceremony event on 16 August (Patricius Winery, Tokaj, Hungary).
The Members of Jury
Mónika Debreczeni

She has been the estate manager of Vylyan for more than 15 years. Mónika Debreczeni obtained her degree in economics and English translation, and later she carried on wine studies in London at WSET. Her refined taste is proven not only with her wines, but several projects, which are “crossings” between wine and art, for example the artistic barrels (decorated by contemporary artists) displayed on the stunning terrace of the winery or the new poems and short stories written by contemporary artists, inspired by the premium wines of Vylyan. As a grape grower in Villány, Cabernet Franc has a special importance for her, but the indigenous Kékfrankos is also a favourite, what is more she helped save the rare Csóka from extinction.


Felicity Carter

Felicity Carter is the editor-in-chief of Meininger’s Wine Business International magazine, the world’s only global, English language wine business magazine. A wine judge, she is a regular at Mundus Vini, and has judged in a further seven countries. She is also a regular speaker and presenter at international wine conferences and events. Felicity Carter was the winner of Born Digital Award in 2016 (Best Editorial / Opinion Writing) and she was also shortlisted for Louis Roederer International Wine Writer’s Awards (Fearture Writer) in 2016.


Ruma Singh

Ruma Singh is a journalist and editor who works from her base in India, writing about the wines of the world. She is also a wine judge, consultant, columnist and writer for publications around the world as well as her own website, Between the Wines at She is currently studying to complete her WSET Diploma and is a member of the Circle of Wine Writers, UK. She was the absolute winner of the 2nd Hungarian WebWineWriting competition.



Tamlyn Currin
Tamlyn was born in Zimbabwe and had a wine-deprived upbringing. It wasn’t until she arrived in the UK at the age of 21 that she discovered wine, and her education started on the very bottom shelf with Blue Nun plonk. By the time she was 30, she was so obsessed with wine that she put herself through the WSET diploma and then gave up a well-paid, senior position in IT to start all over again – this time working for Jancis Robinson, where she has been for the last 12 years.