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Deciphering our – sometimes awkward – labels

Thank you Exotic Wine Travel! Your video posted last Sunday is a real help to us. We know that our language sounds and looks strange, no one can understand us (as Matthew pointed out in the video, even the word ‘wine’ is totally different in Hungarian: ‘bor’).

Taschner tasting in Warsaw, Poland

Professionals and winelovers are welcome at Kociołek i Wino on 7 March in Warsaw. The owner, Ewa Hangel has just made a deep dive in Hungarian wines at Borjour Magnum, and her passion for our wines has been enforced.

Comprehensive Tokaj tasting in Budapest

14 March – the day before Hungary commemorates the Revolution and Fight for Liberty in 1848–49 – will see an event dedicated to our national treasure. Wines of Tokaj are magnificent due to the unique terroir and the centuries of winemaking tradition.

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