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Bag in box (BIB) wine contest is open for registration

In Hungary bag in box is a relatively new phenomenon, but more and more quality wineries realize that BIB is not necessarily inferior to bottled wines, it is just a useful packaging when people buy wine for a big garden party or other events with expectable large consumption. In the…

Did you know? ’Bor’ is outstanding…

Wine, wein, vin, вино, verë,viini, wijn, viño – all European languages use a word for wine that derives from Latin ’vinum’. Except for Turkey (şarap), Basque (ardoa), Greek (κρασί, oinos), Irish (Fíon) and Hungarian (Bor). Wine linguistic map of Europe! Click here to find Hungarian wine vocabulary!    

Patricius Winery – the Winery of the Year, 2016

One of the most important awards of Hungary, the Winery of the Year in 2016 went to a winery of Tokaj wine region. As Péter Molnár, manager of the estate said on 20 October on the award ceremony ‘Working on a UNESCO World Heritage site, on the most beautiful vineyards…

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