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Laszlo Romsics
Furmint is the flagship wine – or maybe not?

VinCE Magazine, Hungary’s leading wine magazine has a panel tasting each month, the latest issue dealt with dry Furmint wines. It is a delicate topic, since most of the winemakers are adamant on putting Furmint on the flags. They must be right: Furmint has distinctive characteristics regarding aromas and flavours,…

A brave martyr girl – let’s remember her!

Hungary is famous for its beautiful girls. Well, it is definitely true! And our young ladies are not only charming and attractive, but also brave. The story of Magita, a young girl is a good example of it. Turkish troops invaded Hungary in 1526 and they stayed for quite a…

St Martin’s Day Wine Festival

Date: 10–13 November, 2016 Location: Hotel Gellért, Budapest Type of event: consumer event Hungary is often referred to as the country of festivals, and in fact we must admit that it is true. At least one festival is dedicated to each national dish, some events are to celebrate the season,…

Tasting event of ’Csopaki Kódex’ wines

October 22, 2016 Tasting event of ’Csopaki Kódex’ wines Csopaki Kódex is a relatively new, and relatively strict origin protection system within Balatonfüred–Csopak wine region. Csopak is a village of unique terroirs (with the neighbouring village Paloznak) on the north of Lake Balaton, therefore its producers united to enhance the…

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