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Pláne – a provocative refreshment

Pláne is a word often used in Hungarian language, but is difficult to translate. One dictionary says it means: ’let alone’ while a native English speaking translator would use ’of course’ instead. The simplest translation is ’special’ so if you ask what the ’pláne’ is in this, you ask what…

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What do all Hungarians eat at Easter?

90 out of 100 Hungarian people would answer: tender smoked ham with freshly ground horse radish and boiled Easter eggs. At Easter the smell of slowly boiling smoked ham fills the air all over the streets, and in the countryside it is still a tradition to take some of the…

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The best Hungarian rosé wines out of 100 rosés

In our last newsletter we pointed out that though Hungary has a lot of ideas regarding what to „put on our flag”, rosé wines are not among these flagship wines. However, winemakers produce rosé with passion, there is hardly any winery without rosé wines. Top 5 rosés from a wine…

Two decades of Kopar, Hungary’s iconic red blend

1997. do you remember what happened twenty years ago? This was the year when headlines all over the world were occupied by news of the first cloned animal, Dolly the sheep, the Hollywood blockbuster Titanic made moviegoers reach for their handkerchiefs, the Hungarian water polo team led by Dénes Kemény…

Let’s celebrate poetry and wine today!

11 April is the Day of Poetry in Hungary, to remember Attila József, one of our greatest poet. On this occasion, we recommend a café house, Café Hadik in Budapest, a place where the spirit of literature lingers on – and is paired with great cuisine and wine list. Attila…

A thorough French article about the wines of Villány

François Collombet French wine writer was one of the invited guests at VinCE Budapest Wine Show in March. Returning home Collombet has published his first piece about Villány and some of its great wineries, for example Csányi, Gere Attila, Bock and their superb Cabernet Franc wines on Dico du Vin….

Vinitaly with Hungarian exhibitors

Verona is the city of love – and at the time of Vinitaly it is the love of wine as a profession. This year Vinitaly takes place on 9–12 April. Some Hungarian wineries exhibit as well, with these you cannot make a mistake: Pajzos Tokaj from Tokaj, Tiffáns Winery from…

A country of rosé wines?

Hungary has an outdoor music festival called Sziget (meaning Island), which has won several awards so far. The monstre annual August event takes place on 9–16 August this year, but on the very first day (the so called zero day) the American star, Pink will give the first show. Around…

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