Eszterbauer Winery

Since 1746, Eszterbauer family’s vineyard has been included in the archives of Szekszard city. Janos is the 10th Eszterbauer generation, who operates the tradition-based wine company.

In accordance with the local conditions of Szekszard, we offer a large number of red wine varieties: Kékfrankos, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Pinot Noir and the well-kept treasure of Szekszárd, the Kadarka. Our plantations are located in the most renowned valleys of the historical wine region: Cinka, Porkoláb valley, Bodzás, Görögszó, Tót valley and the hill of Palánk.

In honour of our ancestors in the 19th and 20th century “peasant-bourgeois” world of Szekszard, our late grandparents and great-grandparents appear on the bottle labels. We harvest winegrapes from 25 hectars.


Wines stories
Wines stories
Tasting room
Tasting room
Eszterbauer winery
Eszterbauer winery
Wines from the Winery
Öröm 2019


Classic onion skin colour, spicy and fruity on the nose. On the palate we can experience the joy of discovering cherry, raspberry and cotton candy. The crispy acidity and the carbon-dioxid makes it fresher.

Sógor 2018


This Kadarka is meant for every day with its primary aromas. Light, spicy and its acidity is in perfect harmony with all the other ingredients. The nose is intensely spicy, deep and complex. On the palate the same spiciness takes the lead accompanied by beautiful, fresh, crispy red berries. Easy drinking summer refreshment that reminds us sour cherry syrup.

Tanyamacska 2018


The Kékfrankos made in a typical Szekszárd style shows the excitement of the variety with the richness of fruits and acidity, but at the same time it reflects the mildness of the wine region. The wine has a long finish with a lot of fruit. The body is medium due to the vintage. Firm structure.

Tüke 2016


On the nose it has a ‘cool’ character, but at the same time it has an attractive frutiy-spicy note. Loads of sour cherries, a pleasure to take a sniff of them. On the palate soft, velvety tannins, moderate acidity. Energic and serious, but also charming and easy to drink.

Tivald 2017


Deep, dark colour. Medium intensity on the nose, but complex, full of black berry, blueberry, bitter chocolate and bonbon filled with cognac infused sour cherry. On the palate firm, but still pleasant tannins, pepper and Christmas spices. The alcohol is high, but the structure is still balanced, the wine is matured, complex, characteristic with beautiful barrel notes. Good lenght with a wide range of aromas.