Barefoot in the Vineyard


On 16 August 2020

A helyszín / The Location

A 2020. augusztus 16-i 3. Hungarian Gettogether helyszíne az éppen 20. születésnapját ünneplő, mesés panorámájú, tágas és hangulatos Patricius Borház, a Tokaji borvidék egyi legszebb pincészete. Budapestről buszos transzfert biztosítunk, illetve ajánlunk szálláslehetőségeket, amelyekre a rendezvény után taxival percek alatt eljuthatnak vendégeink. 
The 3nd Hungarian Gettogether on 16 August 2020 will take place at Patricius Winery, which happens to celebrate its 20th birthday this year. The estate is one of the jewels of Tokaj wine region with spacious halls and a huge terrace with fabulous view. Bus transfer from and to Budapest is provided for our guests, and accommodations are also recommended below, to which our guests can get after the event by taxi, within a few minutes.

A Rendezvény / The Event

Mit tesz különlegessé egy rendezvényt? A helyszín, a kóstolandó borok, a zene, de mindenek felett a résztvevők. A Hungarianwines Gettogether nagyszerű magyar borokról szól 15 kiállító pincészettel, korlátlan kóstolással és sok minden mással. Egy nap kapcsolatépítésre, tanulásra és arra, hogy pompás környezetben remekül érezzük magunkat 300 vendégünkkel. Minden meghívott továbbadhat egy meghívót, így ha Te még nem kaptál meghívót, az egyik meghívottól esetleg kaphatsz.


What makes an event special? The venue, the wines to be tasted, the music, but above all: the participants. Hungarianwines Gettogether is about great Hungarian wines with 15 wineries, unlimited tasting and much more. A day for networking, learning and having fun in stylish environment only for 300 invited guests. Each invited guest can invite someone else, so if you are not invited, you can still hope to get an invitation card from one of the invited guests.

A Program / The Programme

14.00–17.00    More or less silent, professional tasting of the exhibited wines   /
A kiállítók borainak viszonylag csendes, elmélyült kóstolása

17.00–21.00    Relaxed wine tasting of the exhibited wines with some background music.  /
A kiállítók borainak lazább, kötetlenebb kóstolása némi háttérzenével

17.30                  A little bit of poetry – community poem writing with the help of contemporary poets – under the influence of wine… / Egy kis költészet – közösségi versírás kortárs költőkkel – bor hatása alatt

18.00                  3rd Hungarian WebWineWriting Award ceremony   /
A 3. Hungarian WebWineWriting díjátadó ünnepsége

21.00–24.00    Afterparty with some music and Patricius wines (wines are to be purchased after 9 pm)  /
Afterparty zenével és Patricius-borokkal (este 9 után a borokat térítés ellenében lehet fogyasztani)

Szállások Tokajban / Accommodations in Tokaj

Busztranszfert Budapestről biztosítunk, de érdemes maradni pár napot, vagy legalább egy éjszakát a gyönyörű Tokaji borvidéken. Íme néhány szállástipp.
We provide bus transfer from and to Budapest, but it is also a good idea to stay in Tokaj wine region for a few days or at least for the night. Some recommended places to stay.

Kisfalucska vendégház

This guest house (literally translated ‘Little Village’) is located on the bank of the river Bodrog, in fabulous surroundings. Apartmans are available with 2 or 4 beds, a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and toilet is provided with each room. Television, towel, bed linen, parking, wifi is included in the price. The guest house has a sauna as well.
8 minutes by car, 15 minutes on foot from Patricius winery.

Nobilis Udvarház

This guest house has a unique advantage: it belongs to Tokaj Nobilis, one of the best artisan wineries of the region. The guest house has two buildings, one for 6, and the other is for 10 people, thus it is ideal for families or friends. The rooms are beautiful and spacious, kitchen and dining room is also provided. The owners prefer guests for longer stay – and it is worth staying longer.
12 minutes by car from Patricius winery.

R40 Mád

The R40 guest house is located in the centre of Mád, which is continuously developing and is one of the most historic settlements of the historic Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region and World Heritage Site. A total renovation of the more than 200 year old building was completed in 2016 to create a friendly guest house with traditional ambiance and modern comforts and to make it ideal for families, couples, friends and small business gatherings alike.
12 minutes by car from Patricius winery.

Úrágya vendégház

This classic style guest house was built of stone in 1830 in a village situated in the picturesque Tokaj Hegyalja wine region, which is part of UNESCO World Heritage. The village itself – Mád – is the most dynamic place around the area. The quondam vinedresser house has been family owned since 1940 – and was previously a residential home but had been a winery in operation until recently, too. From 2013 to 2015 a complete recovery was executed and the house was largely restored. Both action was taken on the basis of the old original blueprints.
13 minutes by car from Patricius winery.

Préselő Borház

Préselő guest house also belongs to a winery, and as their slogan says: Not only wine is offered at our place. Indeed, the 150 year old house keeps the traditional style, but is is equipped with all the modern facilities. Préselő is situated in the lovely village of Erdőbénye, also worth visiting.
13 minutes by car from Patricius Winery

Babits Vendégház

Babits is also a winery worth visiting, plus it has beautifully furnished, lovely rooms with everything a guest might need. The rooms are also provided with a terrace or balcony. The location is ideal: several place of interest in Tokaj wine region is within easy reach.
4 minutes by car, 28 minutes on foot from Patricius winery.

Guest exhibitors / Vendégkiállítók

Capital of Cava / Vino Castillo

The Spanish sparkling wine “cava” is made exactly like champagne, and long aged cavas are also available in the best quality. Corpinnat is a new brand from Penedés wine region with strict rules. At Capital of Cava booth visitors can taste superb quality cavas and corpinnat wines powered by Vino Castillo, the wine store with the largest selection of cavas and Spanish wines in Hungary.

Participating wineries / A résztvevő pincészetek